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Animation Highlights Women Empowerment

SOC Films has released the third animated film Self-Defence from the “Siyani Sahelian” animation series, as part of the collaborative program with Idara-e-Taleem-o-Aagahi.
Self-Defence illustrates the rising threat of harassment, kidnapping, and sexual violence in Pakistan, and the predicament it puts women in. This animated film navigates the urgent precautions and tools necessary to impede this threat. Focusing on empowerment rather than fear, the main character Asghari, along with friends and an elderly woman of her community, discuss these challenges faced by women in Pakistan and ways on how to address them.
The third animated film has been scripted by Safyah Usmani with animation by Kulsum Ibrahim, sound by Sameer Khan, editing by Nina Zehri and Meer Farhad Jamali, and voiceovers by Rabia Kiran Rajput, Mariam Rizvi Rubina, Safyah Usmani, Sara Gill and Zarghoona.Launched in March 2018, Siyani Sahelian is a program which aims to tackle gender inequality for disadvantaged out of school adolescent girls (aged 9-19) in 60 towns and villages spread across the three districts of South Punjab: Muzaffargarh, Bahawalpur and Rahim Yar Khan. SOC Films hopes to continue to implement sustainable community engagement programs to positively impact the lives of Pakistani youth.

UET appoints first female engineering professor in 100 years

Dr Saima Yasin has been appointed as professor in the Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore. This makes her the first professor of engineering at the oldest and largest seat of higher learning in engineering and technology in 100 years since the establishment of UET as Mughalpura Technical College in 1921.This also makes her the first professor of engineering in Punjab.Being the only professor in her department of 23 teachers, the university Syndicate has also appointed her as Chairperson of her department, which also makes her the first female chairperson of any engineering department at the UET and the province.

Lamps of Pink Hues

These lamps, created from the goodness of the Himalayan salt, deep within the mountain range of Khewra are definitely a great conversation piece or even the perfect gift! The Himalayan Salt Lamp is made from salt crystals and when unlit, the crystal’s rough-hewn, irregular surface looks pink. It gives a warm amber glow when you light it up and is absolutely mesmerizing. The soft light helps to create a comfortable environment, also ensures clean air and helps to relieve mental pressure.

Ample Cuteness in Stone Art

There are artists and then there are those folks who have amazing creativity and talent. We have seen intrinsic work before but never something which is as detailed and so pleasing to the eyes. Making use of natural stones, this artist takes on works of art on these smooth surfaces to create various animal structures which are so detailed and mystifying.Check out more of the artist’s aesthetic work by following the insta handle @akie_2525

Deep Dish Pizza Love!

Pizza is probably one of the greatest inventions out there. And when you have some epic offerings of deep dish pizza, it makes the indulgence experience all the more special. Enjoy a plethora of choices, enticing flavors, side dishes, desserts and more at The Cheese Factor. This makes up for the best family gatherings. When are you placing your order?


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