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Suspenseful & Loaded on Family Emotions!

Sweet Girl: A Review

You can immediately see why Jason Momoa not only signed up to play the lead in the action-revenge thriller “Sweet Girl” but also executive-produced it. It’s a sprawling, bruising, sometimes convoluted, often emotionally exhausting drama with action sequences stitched into it. It’s about a man trying to get revenge for his wife’s death from cancer at the hands of a depraved and indifferent pharmaceutical company while his daughter (Isabela Merced) is pulled along by the currents of his rage. “Sweet Girl” clocks in at nearly two hours, but there’s a tighter, less derivative, more powerful movie in there—possibly a working-class-hero legal drama like “Dark Waters” or “Erin Brockovich,” except the lead character is a bruiser who can put another man’s head through a wall.

History & Treasure in One Building!

If you ever feel like visiting traditional sites filled with impeccable history, how about heading to The Peshawar Museum? It is a museum located in Peshawar, capital of Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. The Peshawar Museum is notable for its collection of Buddhist artwork dating from the ancient Gandhara region. The Peshawar Museum was founded in 1907 as “Victoria Hall,” in memory of Queen Victoria. The two-story building was built in a syncretic architectural style consisting of British, Hindu, Buddhist and Mughal Islamic styles. The current collection has almost 14,000 items based on Gandhara, Greco-Buddhist, Kushan, Parthian, and Indo-Scythian life. Examples include art, sculptures, coins, manuscripts, statues, ancient books, early versions of the Quran, weapons, dresses, jewelry, Kalash effigies, inscriptions, paintings of the Mughal and later periods, household materials and pottery, as well as local and Persian handicrafts. Do check this one out!


With Teeth by Kristin Arnett (June)

Kristen Arnett’s debut Mostly Dead Things established her as an expert in all things related to the macabre—particularly when they’re queer-inflected and set in central Florida—and her latest effort, With Teeth, is a more-than-worthy successor. The novel revolves around Sammie, a dissatisfied suburban mother longing for more while questioning her commitment to her wife and son, and takes the reader on a winding journey through all the grief, love, fear and occasional rage that accompanies family-making. There’s never been a parenting novel quite like this before, though it seems more than likely to spawn a sub-genre.

That Perfected Wood-Fired Pizza! 

We are all in for pizza which is aromatic, tastes great and is oozing with amazing cheese when moved right out of a wood oven. We are loving the flavors coming from @countrymans_woodfired_pizza. There is just something great about having a pizza party with your best people in tow. And why not head out and try some great new flavors like this one in Islamabad. You will surely not be disappointed by what you will try!

Meet the Scrabble King!

Syed Imaad Ali bagged the World English Scrabble Players Association (WESPA) Youth Cup. The 15-year-old talent defeated his opponent in nine out of 13 games in Sunday’s finals as Pakistan finished first in the tournament, with Hasham Hadi Khan — another Pakistani to qualify for the final with 26 wins — coming in fourth after winning in seven games. Ali opened up an early lead in the tournament and had soared to the top position with 11 wins and one tie by the completion of the first 12 rounds. After this feat, he is now the first and only scrabble player to win the World Youth title twice. More power to you!


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