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Wowza! Louis Vuitton Launches Luxury Bike For Rs 20 Lakhs

LV is now selling a range of urban bikes which are priced between £20,200 and £22,900, which roughly calculates to Rs 20,00,000. These premium bicycles are available in red, blue, black, and yellow colors which one can buy through the brand’s online store.Louis Vuitton designed these bikes with the help of Maison Tamboite, an artisan bike-maker from Paris that’s known for infusing French craftsmanship and Parisian chic into its bikes since 1912.To talk about the features of this luxurious product, the bikes come with disc brakes that are mechanical and the gearing is courtesy of a 2-speed crank. The rims and mud guards are made of tinted wood and there’s a GPS tracking chip underneath the saddle. Would you ever consider buying such a luxury?

A Musical Ode To Being A GirlBoss

Loosely stated, the concept is that Cinderella is now what we might call a girlboss, played by pop diva Camila Cabello. She does have a stepmother, and she does have stepsisters, and she does live in the basement. But rather than being stuck doing menial chores, she just hangs out down there and designs dresses, which makes her life probably one that a lot of crafty young women would envy, except for the fact that she has mice for friends (they are voiced by Corden, Romesh Ranganathan, and James Acaster). She dreams of her own dressmaking empire, while singing and longing and so forth. The movie is definitely a fresh take on this classic tale and we are all up for its breath of freshness to an age-old concept! This one is to watch with the whole family.

Skin That is Pampered 

Who doesn’t love skin which is perfectly pampered and has an amazing glow to it ! It is always great to see Pakistani brands streamlining organic brands and offerings. We absolutely love how the perfect skin moisturizing creams and moisturizers keep your skin hydrated & bright. The brand is known to spend plenty to ensure its offerings are of the utmost quality. You can take care of your skin by applying these amazing products day and night. They have a lot to offer on their site. Check it out @fworganics

Enjoy the Delicious of Swirls!

As we get ready to bid adieu to the season of all things cold and delicious, why not indulge in the sweetness of one of the most popular ice-cream joints in the region? Soft swirl is known to bring a range of flavors and mixes which will be such a treat to the taste buds. Try out the different flavors and enjoy the spread of great tastes. There is something for everyone to enjoy on the menu. We know we will be taking in the sweetness for as long as possible! Checkout the menu @softswirlpk

Pets Deserve Best!

When it comes to your pets, you want nothing but the best for them. For those who think that cats aren’t as playful as dogs, they need to rethink. Cats are awesome playmates. Especially when you get them toys which get their zesty spirit going through. We are absolutely loving the kind of cute pet accessories and offerings at PetPat.pk. From awesome bed trees, scratchers, to triple rounds, there is just no better way to pamper your kitties. Know more @petpatpak


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