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An Ordinary Age by Rainesford Stauffer

All too often, we’re told that young adulthood will be the time of our lives—so why isn’t it? Stauffer explores the diminishing returns of young adulthood in this soulful book, providing a meticulous cartography of how outer forces shape young people’s inner lives. From chronic burnout to the loneliness epidemic to the strictures of social media, An Ordinary Age leads with empathy in exploring the myriad challenges facing young adults, while also advocating for a better path forward.

Ali Ashraf Releases Song on Road Rage

Singer/ Songwriter Ali Ashraf has released a video of song Kaala Peela Neela. It is a satirical take on a Pakistani traffic jam that turns into a road-rage matter. Directed by Balach Ayub, the video shows the band playing a rock and roll number while stuck in a traffic jam. Ali Ashraf plays the character of an average Pappu executive trying to maneuver his way out of the traffic jam and bumping into the rear end of a typical Wadaira sitting in his jeep. A fight ensues in the middle of the traffic jam. The fight however is amusing where the two are engaged in a thumb wrestling match rather than throwing punches. Meanwhile the rest of the passengers of the traffic jam, along with vendors, partake in the fight through a wager. Towards the end of the fight, you see everyone losing their cool. “Every day we all suffer traffic jams and rush hours that really get to us and affect our mental health.The message of the song and video is pretty clear – road rage is a real issue and we should all check ourselves before we lose our cool.

Palestinian activist twins 
featured in “Time’s 100 most influential people” !

Palestinian activists and twins Muna and Mohammed El-Kurd have been named among the world’s 100 most influential people of 2021 by TIME magazine.Featuring the likes of Britney Spears, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, and Elon Musk and Tim Cook, TIME unveiled its annual list on Wednesday with the sibling activists praised for having provided the world with a window into living under Israeli occupation in East Jerusalem. They become the face of a campaign to halt Palestinian evictions from a flashpoint East Jerusalem neighborhood and helped prompt an international shift in rhetoric in regard to Israel and Palestine.TIME noted: “Charismatic and bold, they became the most recognizable voices of those threatened with losing their homes in Sheikh Jarrah.”

Creating My Own Space 

When you decide on decorating your interiors, you want to invest your complete thought into what this space will be representing. Hence it only makes sense that you look into interior decor which defines you and how you want your ambience to be like. We are blown away by the offerings of Pith Home & Fashion! These are such splendid designs which are unique, out-of-the box and simply amazing! Check out their culturally enhanced and zesty pieces! So cool and colorful. Here’s to defining your personal space- in a ‘hatkay’ style @pithpk

Food with Looks!

We are all in for recipes and things which get us all excited when it comes to savoring our taste buds in the best possible way! A look at her Insta page and you will be smitten away by the kind of lip-smacking creations she is making! Ali slagle is a Brooklyn-based recipe developer, editor, food and prop stylist. Food has never looked more elegant or awesome as when you look at the fascinating creations on her page! She really does know how to get it done and shows the importance of ingredients and how they infuse perfection within the recipe! Check out more of Ali’s recipes on @itsalislagle


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