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Major News! The First Ever…

T his story is definitely making the rounds and we are all in for talking about it as often as we could! A transgender person has made history by passing the professional MBBS exam for the first time in Pakistan’s history. Sara Gill Khan, the first transgender person to have this honor in Pakistan, passed her final professional exam of MBBS from the Jinnah Medical and Dental College in Karachi. She said, “They insisted that I pose as a boy throughout my life despite knowing that I am not. They said that I am selfish and not considering the respect that the family would lose after I declare myself as transgender. Every transgender has to face the same situation.” This is certainly a major eye-opener for all and we wish Sara all the power in the world!

Shopping at Qinu

How do you make sure your house stands out? You décor it in ways which will allow it to have its very own personality. Individualism matters and there are so many ways in which you can have it done and ensure it is going to make your place have its own personality. We are loving the things on offer at Qinu. They are subtle in expression but look absolutely great and definitely stand out in their look and feel. Check out their amazing collection to see for yourself the amazing items to shop for!


Queen of the Tiles by Hanna Alkaf


Najwa Bakri apprehensively returns to the world of competitive Scrabble a year after the mysterious death of her best friend, Trina, the former champion. But she’s second-guessing her decision when Trina’s Instagram account becomes active again and begins sending out cryptic messages. How many puzzles can Najwa solve in this exciting YA mystery? Definitely an intriguing read that will keep you up till you know how it ends!

A Winning Balochi-Dancehall Blend

A fter the overwhelming response of Tu Jhoom, Coke Studio released the second song from Season 14, KANA YAARI featuring icons Eva B, Kaifi Khalil and Abdul Wahab Bugti. The mix of characters in Kana Yaari makes an interesting point about Coke Studio: it’s a meeting place of opposites. Creating a world for them becomes a team effort. Video Director Jamal Rahman shifts the song’s moody message – honoring it with a hopeful outcome by the last chord. In his video, the artists wander through an interior space, dismantling brightly-coloured walls as if dropping their own invisible boundaries. The song speaks of betrayal, but visually we feel joy. Kana Yaari pushes regional representation, but Xulfi and Associate Music Producers and Arrangers Abdullah Siddiqui, Arsalan Hasan and Sherry Khattak don’t stop there. The global, rearview-rattling beats hijack the song; turning Kana Yaari into a Balochi-dancehall blend that can pulse out any car window on a sunny day, from Seaview to South Beach.

Let’s Get ‘Good Food’Let’s Get ‘Good Food’

Sometimes food is more than just being a flavorsome spread on your plate. It has a lot to do with the ambience you are being served at. Kitchen Deli is definitely one of the most happening places in town. You can have the finest and most delectable kind of offerings. Whether its their signature, juicy burgers in perfected buns or amazing barbeque wings which are of the ultimate taste, there is so much happening here that will allow you to savor with the finest!





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