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Graphite to Interiors


A n Architect-led, Interdisciplinary Design Studio, Studio Graphite has definitely caught our attention this week. There is absolute detail in every creation. It just simply stands out and brings eloquence to your surroundings. Bringing back the enfolded desk lamps – in terrazzo, we love the detail in this design. Also check out these hand-painted concrete tray/coaster set. They look great and will add such flair and style to your interiors. It just doesn’t get any better than this!

The Giraffe’s Calling

Get your taste buds satisfied with the most amazing flavors. The Burning Giraffe has definitely got what it takes for you to enjoy dining with the family. From savory burgers, the juiciest steaks to a spread of the most delightful seafood including the most authentic sushi, this is one eatery that simply stands out. You can enjoy the amazing spread of flavors. They are tangible, fresh and crisp and make it a splendid meal all the way!


Asim’s Next Out Soon!Asim’s Next Out Soon!

A musician’s first album is always a source of great excitement and if that musician is Asim Azhar, you can’t expect anything less than spectacular. The 25-year-old singer-songwriter has continuously wowed fans with hit singles like ‘Ghalat Fehmi’ and ‘Humraah’, and fans have been pumped to hear the first song from his debut album ever since he posted the teaser in Nov 2021. The wait is almost over. Azhar revealed his upcoming single is coming out in two weeks on Feb 28. “‘Kabhi Mai.. Kabhi Tum’. Since the announcement, we are completely waiting with bated breath to see what he serenades us with. Having a distinctive voice which continues, we are sure his next wouldn’t be short of anything brilliant!


Pakistan’s Very First Smart Library

A smart street library set up at Kohsar Market is likely to become a window into the cultural and social heart of the local people where they can meet, connect, socialize and enjoy the joy of reading.According to the Capital Development Authority (CDA), the street library is a small book exchange located in neighbourhoods to encourage a love of books and reading. The communal aspect of the project is particularly important, especially for people who cannot afford to buy books or get to a library.The purpose is to encourage books to be recycled and shared and provide any member of the community access to literature and enlivening and activating public spaces.The concept is to grab a book, read and return it. It is a beautiful display of trust and the citizens are expected to show responsibility towards it and donate their good books too

A Heart- Warming Tale

Jo Bichar Gaye is a Pakistani period drama series based on the book “Bichar Gaye” by Col. Z. I. Farrukh. The series is directed and produced by Haissam Hussain under his banner H2 Films, Mehreen Alam as co-writer for screenplay and written by Ali Moeen. It features Wahaj Ali, Maya Ali and Talha Chahour in leading roles. Set in the 1970s & 1971s, Jo Bichar Gaye is based on real events from the Bangladesh Liberation War, including the Surrender of Pakistan. It is definitely one of the best and most amazing stories to have been portrayed on the screen and with such a dynamic cast, we are only expecting big and amazing things from this project .





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