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The Olympic Dream Progresses in Pakistan!

I t is always major when we see such initiatives which shine the spotlight on the sports of the country. While we have been extremely impressed by the kind of sports display we have seen from the Hunza tribe, it is when things start to progress on a more international level that it gets even more exciting. A newly discovered skiing area in Gabin Jabba, Swat is making the rounds! Now that children are learning to ski in Swat, it is truly possible that Pakistan will soon become competitive in the Winter Olympics. The news started to make the rounds when Prime Minister Imran Khan shared a video of a young boy learning to ski in Gabin Jabba, Swat. He expressed his hope for a future in which Pakistani athletes can be at the forefront of the prestigious Winter Olympics. Here’s to great and amazing things ahead!


A Pretty Story About Baking

Someone once said that baking defines love. And when you have such amazing and exquisite designs on display, it just makes any kind of celebration so memorable! At Coco Cheri, every creation is simply magnificent and outstanding. Check out the absolutely delightful Charlie and the Chocolate Factory themed cake. It has sheer detail in every little aspect and is definitely a story starter! Also look at the amazing floral designs that are just amazing and look so significant !


Attire of Personal Sorts

When it comes to looking your absolute best, there are so many ways in which you can make your own personal statement. At Go_Rogue_Co, you will be amazed by the range of accessories that make you stand out! Be it the hand-painted khussas, which you can customize to your liking, to amazing jewelry, defining jacket styles and more! It just makes you stand out in the crowd and look so splendid in making that statement. Earn that wow factor and become the soul of the party with how you present yourself!

An engrossing short film ‘Mr & Mrs Abdullah’

Pakistan’s  fastest growing digital platform SeePrime has brought yet another intriguing short film for its viewers titled ‘Mr & Mrs Abdullah’ starring Marina Khan, Syed Mohammad Ahmed and Danyal Afzal. ‘Mr & Mrs Abdullah’ follows the story of a happily married old couple, Bano and Abdullah and their son Haris who no longer lives with them. Abdullah’s sickness is consuming him and his son keeps on insisting to send money to which Abdullah refuses and asks Haris to come see his parents. Abdullah cares about his family a lot and wants to ensure that they will be taken care of once he’s gone. The captivating story ‘Mr & Mrs Abdullah’ has been penned down by Syed Mohammad Ahmed, co-produced by Ali Hussain and Mahib Bukhari, directed by Faiz and executively produced by none other than Seemeen Naveed. ‘Mr & Mrs Abdullah is now available for viewers’ on SeePrime’s YouTube channel.

Rocking to ‘ Peechay Hutt’

T here are two essentials in every hype song: faultless bass and over-the-top confidence, and Peechay Hutt, Coke Studio’s mid-season banger qualifies. Coke Studio is excited to bring Hasan Raheem, Justin Bibis and Talal Qureshi with Peechay Hutt, the eighth song from Season 14. The song was first revealed in an exclusive listening session powered by the world’s most popular audio platform Spotify, prior to its actual release, where media and super fans were given a sneak peek and a chance to connect with their favourite artists. Peechay Hutt is a statement song from the artistic youth of Pakistan allowing them to do what they love most whilst bridging a generational gap musically. Peechay Hutt has some of Talal’s signatures: surprising breaks, a sad-robot vocal clip, and lashings of gloss. Also present is the Hasan Raheem mumble we love; like he’s woken up too early after a heavy night.



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