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Make Way for the Desi Barbie!

I t’s 2022 and Barbie is no longer just a blonde, white girl with Eurocentric beauty ideals — she’s a diverse doll that celebrates inclusivity. That’s the idea Barbie Style — a curated shop of exclusive, signature products from leading female-founded brands — is trying to promote by introducing designs that go beyond the constricted image of the OG Barbie. It collaborated with Deepica Mutyala, CEO of Live Tinted, a community that celebrates beauty and culture, to design the doll. “Meet 2022’s Barbie. Her skin is TINTED, her eyes big, and brows bold. She wears her jhumkas & bangles proudly with her power suit. She is ready to take on the world. Her identity is hers,” Mutyala captioned an Instagram post announcing the collaboration. “She breaks cultural barriers; aims high with intention. Leads with empathy & kindness. A fearless go-getter with a deep desire to make an impact in the world. She’s a CEO. THIS is the new Barbie.” We are completely committed to adding this gorgeous one to our collection!

“For the Love of Sushi””

Suki Sushi is one of those leading restaurants which allows you to indulge in sushi in its absolute tantalizing form. You will have your taste buds spoiled for choice as you savor onto the amazing tastes which are succulent as they are divine. Sushi comes in various forms and this is one place which will allow you to enjoy it with friends and family in memorable settings!

Anoushay Croons to ‘Din Cherya’

A noushay Abbasi is blessing us with her beautiful voice yet again while crooning at Kashmir Beats-Season2. And this time with another powerful vocal actor turned singer Hassan Hayat Khan. Din Cherya is an upbeat tone with a touch of old school music and the chemistry between the two singers makes the song even more melodic. “This song gives meaning to a very deep connection between two people.” Anoushay is not just breaking barriers by her acting skills and charismatic persona but now her voice is also being loved and we are definitely loving its blend against those upbeat tunes!

“Style It Up with Leaf Print Hub”

Everyone loves something extraordinary and catchy. Not to mention when it comes with a little personalized look, it just makes the whole shopping extravaganzas even more exciting. Have you checked out the goodies at ‘Leaf Print Hub?’ They are exquisite in uniqueness and you will be spoiled for choice! We are in awe of these awesome Harry Potter banners! They really bring out the feels of being in Hogwarts and would make an excellent gift for anyone who’s a diehard HP fan. Also check out their amazing collection of tote bags which are of supreme quality and make a great style statement. And be it the customized mugs or shirts, there’s just so much for you to get onto! Check out their insta @leafprinthub and see all that you can get at amazing prices!

An Epic Tale with a Star Cast!

Drama serial Badshah Begum is one of those rare television presentations that have the audiences on their toes even before its airing. The serial is not your regular run-of-the-mill and conventional mainstream stories. It is set in a fictional state of Peeraan Pur, under the rule of Pir Shah Alam who has five children from two wives; Shahzeb, Murad, Jahan Ara, Roshan Ara and Shahmir. When undesirable circumstances force his city-born and raised children Jahan Ara, Roshan and Shahmir to their hometown, they find themselves tangled in powerplay and politics that they never wished to be a part of. What follows in an epic tale of dynastic politics, sibling rivalry and anarchy.




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