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Vegan Date – A True Food Story

A See Prime original is about to hit our screens and as promising as their short films get,this time too they are about to mesmerize their viewers with their latest production – Vegan Date. Starring Hajra Yamin and Usama Khan we are about to witness a date gone wrong. When Sameer uses a dating app for the first time he gets matched with Azka, someone who he hits off instantaneously with and as weeks pass by they finally decide to meet. Little did they know their food choices would end up in creating a bit of a disaster but like they say all’s well that ends well. Upon their first meeting they find out that Sameer is a non-vegetarian and Azka is all about being vegan. And this is where the conflict of interest develops and even though Sameer does end up trying greens for the very first time, their very first date turns into a complete mayhem. As Azka walks off and leaves the restaurant. This delightful and captivating love story “Vegan Date” is a film by M Danish Behlim, written by Arsal Amir and exclusively produced by the great mastermind Seemen Naveed. “Vegan Date” is now available for viewers on Seeprime’s YouTube channel.

Resin WonderResin Wonder

Isn’t it amazing how your talent can bring them to create such fascinating pieces of art! Resin artist Ayisha has created beautiful decor pieces, accessories and more from resin and these are ever so delightful. If you wish to make your special moments even more memorable, get amazing resin trays, phone cases, earrings or you can choose to give someone these personalized gift items that completely stand out!


Pakistani Brand Empowering Afghani Women!

Artisan Links is a socially responsible, fair trade business featuring products that contribute to a sustainable future. It is the only guaranteed member of the World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) in Pakistan, each product is intricately designed by their team of women-only artisans, composed of Afghan refugees in Pakistan and local artisans existing in the country. By translating traditional embroidery techniques into contemporary designs, they have developed exquisite hand embroidered apparel, home furnishings, gifts, accessories and more. It also remains the only organization that continues to work with Afghan women both in Pakistan and border regions of Afghanistan since the Taliban came to power in Afghanistan. The organization firmly believes in giving the impacted women work instead of one-off donations in order to provide them with continued financial independence and support.


Hydrate in Ramadan

If there’s one thing people prefer during Ramadan, it is taking on some refreshing drinks and beverages that will keep you energized for the whole day. Make your iftars all the more special with some of the freshest and most healthy options you can opt for. Enjoy the real flavors of nature and keep the energy going in the month of fasting! Whether its fresh juices, like orange or watermelon or something more creamy like chocolate and oreo milkshake, make your choices interesting and special!

“Phir Milenge”

The Final Song of Coke Studio’s Season 14 With the last song of Season 14, Phir Milenge, Coke Studio is here to tell you that Faisal Kapadia and Young Stunners belong in the same universe. First revealed in an exclusive listening session powered by the world’s most popular audio platform Spotify, prior to its actual release, media and super fans were given a sneak peek and a chance to connect with their favourite artists. Season 14’s final song Phir Milenge serves up vibes groovy, intense and emotional all at the same time. This is Faisal’s re-entry to performing since the end of Strings, and his first time back on Coke Studio since producing seasons 7-10. For first-timers Young Stunners, it’s astonishing performing alongside an industry rockstar they’ve grown up listening to. “Phir Milenge is a song about memories, when someone has gone from your life but is still in your heart and soul. And where does the story end? On a new day, when we meet again,” Xulfi shared.



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