Exclusive Interview: HANNAH BUTT

Exclusive Interview:

“Success means respect to me…”


Hannah Butt’s name is on everyone’s lips. The girl created a world of unparalleled glamour and her work can be seen in some of fashion’s most innovative segments. Hannah’s distinctive style speaks for itself, but the stories behind the scenes are just as interesting as the pictures themselves. You can explore amazing things on her; by reading an exclusive interview in Social Diary……

  1. Super celebrity face that has reached a huge amount of success with a steady career growth. Does that put a LOT of pressure on you, and if yes how are you dealing with it?
    Success has never put pressure on me because with time I have become more composed and risen up to handle any situation.
  2. Tell us about your first exposure to modeling? What are your experiences while you were growing up?

Maria B was my first modeling experience. I took every opportunity while growing up in the industry to gain experience regarding my field.

  1. How supportive are your family and friends with your profession?

My family and friends treat my profession as any other profession.

  1. What is the best part about your work? What is the hardest?

The best part of my work is seeing the outcome of putting in an effort and the worst is not getting what hard work deserves.

  1. What does success mean to you?

Success means respect to me.

  1. Who or what inspired you to become a celebrity?

I wasn’t inspired as such it was just a certain serendipity that brought me here.

  1. How do you face criticism especially when you are receiving at the peak of your career?

I find criticism very helpful. If I don’t get criticized then that means I am not doing it right.

  1. Everyone knows Hannah Butt, through different styles you performed, but no one knows real person behind these styles, and tell us something about yourself?

Hannah Butt is your average girl next door who likes to make friends and hang out. Fame has no way changed the person I was or am. I like genuine people because I like to think of myself as one.

  1. Was there any other career in which you were interested in before you stepped into showbiz?

No I was always focused on my goal that was to become a model.

  1. As you are so attractive and charming so your fans need to know about your matrimony makingplans?

I am still looking to be swept of my feet. ^_^

  1. How do you see the future of Pakistan’s fashion industry?

I see it up there with London and Milan fashion weeks.

  1. Can you talk about a fan encounter that completely took you by surprise?

I had a fan that came up to my house but I invited him up for tea and made it a less awkward situation.

Any message to our upcoming new faces?

Never give up on your dreams no matter what people say to you.

“For the love of HANNAH’s fashion choice”:

1. Things you carry in your bag now days?

I carry a smaller bag with in my bag which has a list of all the things I forgot at home.

  1. Due to sweating what hairstyles you use to make?

I tie my hair up and leave my bangs down which looks more elegant when a lady is sweating.

  1. Flip-flops or high heels?
    High heels.
  2. Addicted to which mobile game app?

Candy Crush.

  1. Dressing you would love to do in winter weddings?

A full sleeves velvet sari with a short blouse is my winter wedding look.

  1. What diet intake you are taking now a days? 

I eat healthy because it gives me a nice glow but I work out as well.

  1. Cotton pants or jeans?


  1. Perfume you wear? 

Chanel N5.

  1. What makes you impatient?

Waiting for a good looking guy to notice me.

  1. Addicted to? 


  1. Your mentor/inspiration? 

Mehreen Syed.

  1. Any celeb crushes? 

Fawad Khan.

  1. Most typical Pakistani thing about me?

Cursing when someone is staring haha.

  1. When are you happiest? 

At work I am my happiest.

  1. Favorite piece of furniture at your home?
    My lazy boy 2000 is my favorite couch to relax and forget all my worries.
  2. Song you just love to dance in it with so passion? 

Metal & Dust by London grammar. Wait I am sorry what was the question. 😛

  1. Describe your ideal fun night out?

Getting dressed and socializing with a good set of friends is a fun night for me.

“The best part of my work is seeing the outcome of putting in an effort and the worst is not getting what hard work deserves…”

Never give up on your dreams no matter what people say to you…!!!!





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