Eyebrow Threading or Waxing? Take the decision!


Every woman knows that eyebrow plucking just isn’t the right way to go, Instead, you’ll find that there are two other options as well: eyebrow threading and eyebrow waxing. Either way, they are a great way to get rid of your busy eyebrows, making them the exact shape that you want them to be. Eyebrow threading versus waxing is considered a popular debate, but each side has pros and cons that should be weighed in.

Eyebrow Threading?

Threading is becoming one of the most popular ways to take care of bushy or even unruly eyebrows. It involves taking two pieces of cotton thread, which will be expertly wrapped around hairs that are unwanted, and then they are removed in one movement.


  1. There are no dangerous chemicals when you are using threading. Salon or even store-bought wax will contain harsh chemicals, and it’s bad for your health. With threading you avoid resins, carcinogenic parabens, artificial fragrances, dangerous dyes and other dangerous chemicals.
  2. Threading is a much better alternative to waxing if you have sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, waxing can cause reactions and irritations. Threading won’t leave your skin raw, red, or even inflamed. This is because there is no skin damage when it comes to threading, as there is much less contact with the skin.
  3. Threading is faster, which is another wonderful pro. You don’t have to wait for anything to dry or harden when you’re working with threading.
  4. Threading will also last longer than waxing. Your hair won’t come back for three to four weeks.



  1. Threading doesn’t require a license, meaning you may not have a professional helping you with the hair removal process.
  2. When threading is done incorrectly the hairs will not be removed, and instead the hairs will break. This will cause hair regrowth to show up much more quickly.
  3. You can’t thread as soon as the hair comes back. Instead, hair growth is required for threading. You’ll need a sixteenth of an inch of hair growth before the thread can wrap around the hair, meaning you do have to wait until it is noticeable to get your eyebrows done again.
  4. Threading is only good for eyebrows. You can’t use threading on your legs or anywhere else on your body.
  5. There is some discomfort when it comes to threading, and it is often compared to the discomfort that comes from tweezing, even if it is quicker.



Waxing is one of the most common ways to remove unwanted eyebrow hair. Waxing is where you take wax that is usually hypoallergenic, and then you apply it to the skin.


  1. Threading can hurt more than waxing because the hairs are pulled out much slower. This is one of the main reasons that waxing is still considered to be a much more popular way of unwanted hair removal.
  2. Waxing can be used on other parts of your body instead of just your eyebrows. This is one of the main differences when it comes to waxes versus threading.
  3. Your skin won’t be pinched during a waxing process, and this is because there is nothing that can pinch your skin.
  4. Your eyes won’t water as much, and you won’t sneeze as much when you’re dealing with waxing instead of threading.


  1. Eyebrow waxing is considered to be extremely irritating, and some people even think that it is a painful process.
  2. Eyebrow waxing can cause damage and irritation to the skin, including redness and irritation.
  3. The wax used in eyebrow waxing can actually cause allergic reaction, as it is not always hypoallergenic. It even can contain dangerous chemicals that damage your skin over time.
  4. Eyebrow waxing, due to the tugging and pulling of the eyelids can cause premature wrinkles over time.


The Final Verdict:

Neither eyebrow threading nor waxing is truly better than the other because eyebrow waxing for many will not cause problems. Instead, you’ll find that most people can wax their eyebrows with little to no negative side effects. It is still completely up to personal preference if you decide that you should use eyebrow waxing or eyebrow threading.

If you are trying to get rid of body hair other than your eyebrows, you will find that waxing or shaving is going to be your best bet. Eyebrow plucking is still considered to be a viable option by many. Eyebrow threading is generally considered to be a better method than waxing because it is less damaging. This is because waxing will cause skin damage, expose you to harsh chemicals, and even cause premature wrinkles. To make an educated decision, you’ll need to weigh the pros and cons.