Eyeliner Stickers! Easiest Makeup Trend These Days

By Suha Sameer

We are always on the lookout for something which is trendy, catchy and makes you look good- without much effort involved. This especially goes for those of us who are, let’s say, challenged in the eyeliner arts—my fingers shake every time I get that Stila pen in my hand!—eyeliner stickers could be a total game changer. Hailey Bieber had recently just posted some images as she rocked her stick-on cat-eye winged liner, and it’s not only striking; it’s metallic. The Zenon vibes are out of this world. “Had a little too much fun with my glam tonight,” she captioned two selfies. In them she’s wearing shiny lip gloss and some kind of shimmery eyeshadow. Even still, the eyeliner stickers grab your attention the most.
And this is what completely caught my eye and I wanted to look more into what exactly are eyeliner stickers and how we can style them to make our own distinctive style statement!

Learning how to flawlessly flick your eyeliner is a skill everyone should learn, but unfortunately, most of us haven’t been #blessed with the artistic talents or patience required to accomplish such a thing. So instead, we scour the internet for tricks and tips that will help us fake the flick, and we might have just discovered the most epic trick yet. Eyeliner stickers are the genius invention that gives you a killer cat eye without having to pick up an eyeliner. It only takes a few seconds and the look is flawless. Trying to get that perfect winged eyeliner? Eyeliner stickers will get the job done. Celebrity approved, easy to apply, sweat-proof and smudge-proof, they are your best friend this season. How to apply them? Just peel off the cover and stick them. Your hand won’t shake and you won’t have a hard time trying to make both eyes look symmetrical. And as we told you before, celebrities are big fans of these stickers. Read on to discover which celebrities flaunted the eyeliner stickers trend on their personal Instagram pages. As Huda Kattan from Huda Beauty shows you in one of her videos, the application is crazy easy. You literally just peel off the sticker and stick it on your eyelid, and you’re good to go! (Note: there may be some minimal eyeliner application required, depending on the shape and length of your eyes.) As it turns out, there are different kinds of designs and colors you can choose from. It all comes down to how you will be making use of it. Sometimes you just want to hit a party, other times you can make use of an eyeliner sticker look which makes you look professional with a dash of fun! The whole process takes you about 30 seconds, which is half, if not a third, of the time it takes for a person to apply a winged eyeliner the traditional way. The end result can be seamless and undetectable. If you use a matte black liner, it easily blends beautifully with matte black stickers. My only caveat is that it definitely feels like you have something on the outer corners of your eyes. It’s not exactly a heavy or uncomfortable feeling, it’s just…there. However, I became used to it after about an hour or so and didn’t notice it again for the rest of the night! Check out some awesome options on the internet.




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