“I was a pampered child being given attention by both parents in general but was close to my dad.”

Because it’s a Family Time




This time, we took a special interview of much known showbiz celebrity Farhan Aly Agha, who is a good actor and lovable husband; here he shared the prized memories that spent with his family…

  1. Express the moment when you first meet with your partner?

I  felt like I  reached my destination.

  1. Tell us about your childhood home?

I was a pampered child being given attention by both the parents in general but was close to my dad.

  1. How do you celebrate holidays with your family?

Well enjoying at home or find a reason to go out together and have a good time is really quality time.

  1. Tell us about the day your first child was born?

First child was like rebirth. Very strange experience for me not knowing how to handle it.

  1. Suggest 4 tips how to take all the family relations in a proper manner?
  • Make them feel secure emotionally; material stuff comes later.
  • Do justice setting priority right.
  • Be there for them not expecting anything in return.
  1. What do you prefer for your kids to choose best for their future, either the field in which you are working currently or any other?

Depends on their talent and ability. No compulsion at all but I do show concern that life should be taken seriously and not thrown away.

  1. As you and your life partner are in different fields, so is it somehow helpful for both of you to understand each other or sometimes competition arises?

No competition it’s a team work for domestic handling and professional affairs so the balance should be there.

  1. What is more beneficial to spend a happily life….Love or arranged marriage?

No specific formula, it depends on how you handle the situation and fulfil the commitments. Usually love marriages are not appropriately timed and it’s an emotional decision so one should be prepared to handle everything.

  1. Describe a typical family dinner. Did you all eat together as a family? Who did the cooking? What were your favorite foods?

Actually a family barbeque dinner all cooked and had fun eating together for quality time.

  1. How is the world today different from what it was like when you were a child?

World is not different today but we have changed. Our vision becomes more progressive practical and realistic but I think the child inside should remain alive to see the lighter side of life.





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