Fighting the DENGUE war!! ‘

Fighting the DENGUE war!! ‘

The female aedes mosquito has taken over and engaged us in a new war against insects for a change this time. The mosquito results in a viral hemorrhagic fever resulting in the break down or ‘lysis’ or platelets and ultimately poor response to wound healing and more prone to injury resulting in various symptoms. The Viral hemorrhagic fever also called the dengue fever and hence the mosquito is also quite commonly referred to as the dengue mosquito. Precautions to prevent dengue fever are far better than getting infected. With some necessary dengue fever precautions one can get rid of it and can easily deal with dengue virus before its deadly affect. Dengue fever also known as break bone fever is a serious viral disease transmitted by the bite of Aedes albopictus mosquito. Dengue fever is yet severe but does not cause death whereas in Dengue hemorrhagic fever, bleeding from nose starts and is a fatal disease leading to death if not cured on time. Contrary to popular belief the dengue mosquitoes has its niche in areas of clean water and prefer darkness to light. Ensure through drainage for any pools or residual ponds of rain that remain. Since most of the dengue mosquito that causes dengue fever resides in gardens, it is usually supported to have your garden care list prioritized with getting it fumigated specifically for the dengue mosquito. However, keep in mind that during this process of fumigation you choose an insecticide which causes little damage to plant heat.

Resort to the use of mosquito repellent. Your first hurdle for the dengue mosquito should be a net to make sure it can get nowhere near you. Use mosquito nets to cover most parts of your garden where the dengue mosquito is more ready to preside. Alternately, whenever you designate time to be spent in your garden, specifically those times when the insect is more specific to attack, always use either a mosquito repellant ointment or always use a mosquito repellant coil with the odor or even one of those sharp buzzing sounds. Make sure that you put in all your effort in eliminating ever little pest before you enter you garden to ensure that garden lover can live up to garden care by following our garden care tips on how to protect your garden from dengue mosquito and the fever it causes.


Symptoms of dengue fever vary with age of the patient such as infant and young children get a measles-like rash with high fever whereas older children and adults get mild illness, severe headache, sore eye, body pain, vomiting, appetite loss and nausea along fever. In DHF bleeding and shocks also occur.

Avoiding mosquitoes bite is the major precaution against dengue fever. People should take following necessary precautions to combat dengue fever before it gets in body:

  • Keep home, environment and surrounding hygiene.
  • Remove all stagnant water and containers.
  • Keep all drains well maintained and repair all chokes.
  • Avoid accumulation of ground water.
  • Fill up all defective grounds.
  • Don’t store water.
  • Avoid unnecessary irrigation.
  • Cover all containers properly.
  • Change flower vase water once a week to prevent dengue mosquito breeding there.
  • Wrap all unused plastic tyres.
  • Regularly change water in animal drinking containers.
  • Use mosquito repellents to avoid mosquito bite.
  • Use mosquito screen to prevent mosquito attack.
  • Use aerosols and mosquito coils to kill mosquitoes.
  • Wear long sleeve and fully covered clothes.
  • Use mosquitoes net around bed while sleeping.

Measures to be taken during dengue fevers…
Patient infected by dengue fever must follow these measures:

  • Get a blood test by microbiological laboratory.
  • Take plenty of water and cold fluids.
  • Bath in cold water and place ice bag over abdomen and head.
  • Don’t take aspirin.
  • Get proper medical checkup.

“Add few drops of lemon in apple juice and then have this fluid as it replaces lost platelets…”


“Use mosquito nets to cover most parts of your garden where the dengue mosquito is more ready to preside…”



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