#Follow Adeel Chaudhry to #Turkey

Come join Social Diary as they go along with Adeel Chaudhry on a trip to Istanbul.


  1. Why Turkey for your holiday destination?


I was shooting an ad in Turkey and since I’ve always wanted to visit it, I took the opportunity of roaming around this beautiful country. Despite the cold breeze, the sun always shines there and the people who live there hold on dearly to their traditions so I wanted to learn more about their culture too.


  1. First impressions of the country?


It has a good vibe, the weather was lovely as I am a fan of the cold and the people were welcoming.

  1. Which cities and places did you visit?

I just went to Istanbul and then the best way to see the city is to get a tour guide and who can not only show u around but also tell u about the history of the place … I really liked Topkopa Palace … where ottoman king used to live, also the best thing to see there is sword of Prophet (P.B.U.H) and Hazrat Ali sword.


  1. Which are the must-see places in Turkey?


The mosques are a must! I had a unique experience on a spiritual level while visiting Hagia Sophia and Muhammad Ali mosques. The food there is amazing so I suggest you try the…. for the Turkish dishes and desserts.

  1. People travel to Dubai for shopping or to Nepal for a peaceful getaway. What is the specialty of Turkey? The differentiating feature?


Turkey has its own charm; it combines both spiritual experience and shopping sprees. The local shops offer traditional and vintage items too. It’s an active city filled with good energy, people’s laughs taking over the streets and tasty dishes.

  1. Which tasty street foods and cuisines did you try?


The Turkish cuisine is the best there of course. I’ve tried the Kebab and the “Iskandar” which are very good. On the street I enjoyed my time while eating Kastana.

  1. Which dish or street food would consider as your favorite?


Beklawa and Kenafa is a must try in Turkey for those who have a sweet tooth. As for the main dishes Kebab is my favorite

  1. What did you enjoy most about the trip?


Roaming around the street and jogging in the morning


  1. Any funny incident that took place on your trip?


I met someone special there 😊


  1. Turkey is known for its Grand Bazaar. Did you visit it? Detail us on your experience.


Yes I went to the Grand Bazaar. It was a pleasant experience, you get to see various fur and leather shops offering vintage and unique items. Also you get to enter and taste items of different shops offering all kinds of tea and deserts.


  1. Did you bring any souvenirs with you?


Just some nice pictures and the memory of this lovely country in my mind

  1. What are the “must” haves for you when you’re traveling?


It depends on where one is going, sunglasses are essentials for me as well as your phone to take pictures


  1. What would you suggest to your readers that they should be prepared for when visiting Turkey?


Almost every place is crowded!

  1. What time of the year do you recommend travelers to visit Turkey?


I think during spring would be the best time so that they can see the different touristic sites without being very cold or very hot.


  1. Pakistani currency is pretty weak atm. For those of us who haven’t been to Italy how much would you suggest we keep in our pockets in PKR to spend a quality vacation?

I am not the right person to ask this question coz every time I go on vacation after that I have to file bankruptcy “pun intended “… but yes it’s really sad how our currency is devaluing , I love travelling and I hope one day majority of our people can travel too coz I learn a lot from travelling and exposure .. it’s great to meet new people and learn about their lifestyle and culture too 😊


  1. What do you think is the current tourism situation of Pakistan?

Well I think our prime minister Imran Khan is very focused in bringing tourism to Pakistan and as we know we have one the most beautiful mountains in Pakistan and its a billion dollar industry … I hope it happens soon so we also get a chance to show the world that what an amazing country we live in and how hospitable Pakistanis are.


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