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Tips for Travelling to Pakistan and Must See Places

Welcome to the land of allure and glamour

Pakistan is the place of open-hearted people. The Pakistanis welcome the travellers and tourists from all over the world and their love for the foreigner’s hospitality is deeper than the Arabian Sea and higher than the Himalayas. The landscapes portrayed by nature, in Pakistan, are insightful and will take you to some unknown world where even your power of imagination would fail. Whoa! It is a beautiful and surprising fact that Pakistan owes such captivating sights that can flake away all that you have imagined before to forecast a breath-taking scenario. The allure and glamour is something Pakistan is greatly enriched with.

 The developed peace and prosperity in the country has much enhanced the tourism. The world media has always portrayed the image of Pakistan off the rails which badly affected and saddened its beauty.

In the recent months, according to the British Backpacker Society, Pakistan occupies Rank # 1 adventure travel destination and called it one of the friendliest countries on the planet.

And, you too are going to be a lucky person to visit Pakistan, it is important to consider some useful measures which can save you from any unforeseen trouble.

Make up your mind and then start packing

It is very important for you to prepare yourself before you start packing your luggage.

Once you have made up your mind then be resolute on that. Complete all the documentation and start packing your gears. On the off chance, your luggage goes beyond the limited weight, you can acquire services from many companies which deal in sending cargo from UK to Pakistan, which can prove to be beneficial for you.    

Tips for Travelling to Pakistan

It is quite easy to travel to the country of the friendly environment and lovely people, but few things if kept in mind can make your trip far better than it may be.

Hire a guide or learn the local language

When we visit some unknown place we try to explore it by discussing and asking from the inhabitants. In order to talk to the local people, you need to learn their language. It will be an interesting and surprising thing for them if you will speak their dialect.

Be that as it may, you can hire a guide who not only guides the way but also has a strong grip in speaking and understanding languages.  

Be ready to face a Diverse Culture

Leave the secularism behind, you are going to a cultured and religious country where 97% of Muslims are inhabited. The four provinces, each with quite different customs and traditions even the dresses don’t match. So, be prepared to face the attraction of the adorned dresses and tasty food, in addition, the amusing festivals.

Each moment you spend there is going to be the part of your memory that will last long.

Ensure yourself to leave the misperceptions at home

The world has changed now and the same happened to contemporary Pakistan, which is progressing as a peaceful country, so leave the misperceptions as there is no such thing right now there. You are quite safe to roam around the country. The Pakistan Police Force is there for your safety. They not only guard you but also respect the foreigners.

Don’t forget to take a DSLR with you

No doubt, the beautiful scenes of landscapes of Pakistan will settle in your mind for a long time, but to capture that scenes which you haven’t watched in your entire life and want to memorize them forever, you will need a Digital Single Lens Reflex Camera. This camera would only be able to capture your pictures in a lush way. The mobile camera or some other digital camera couldn’t serve the purpose.

Don’t judge the book by its cover

The people of Pakistan consider foreigner something quite different, so they can stare at you for a long time. This doesn’t mean that you think them wrong, just give a smile and pass. In contrast to this, thorns are always there with the flowers, on the off chance, someone starts stalking, immediately call police emergency 15 for assistance. But this never happens in Public places so there’s no need to be panic.

Let’s go into this wondrous and marvellous place to explore some of the must-see places whenever you plan to visit there.

Must See Places in Pakistan

Pakistan is a blessed country having beautiful beaches, mountains including the world’s second largest peak and beautiful lakes. From Karachi to Islamabad, Murree to Balakot, every part demonstrates its peculiar significance.

Skardu-an embodiment of nature’s excellence

Right in the extreme north of Pakistan, Skardu the significant valley of Gilgit-Baltistan, is an essence of beauty, tranquillity and wilderness. Pathways to some of the world’s highest mountains that includes K2, K3, and Gasherbrum; all are linked through this valley. These lofty mountains attract thousands of climbers from all over the world each year.

After Jaglot, on the Karakoram Highway, a tapered road turns towards Skardu. During the seven-hour drive, one is welcomed by several streams, springs, and the cordiality of the local people. Almost immediately after crossing the old wooden bridge, constructed over the River Indus, one reaches Shangrila.

Heading from the Skardu Bazaar, a road points to the world’s highest plains, Deosai, and on the same road, Sadpara Lake can be grasped where a dam has been constructed now. In a nutshell, Skardu is a mouthpiece of nature depicting the everlasting beauty.

Shogran – A place beyond imaginations

You need to hire a professional cab driver to reach this place because of the wall of mountains at one side and much nothing on the other side except a 7,000 ft. drop! Local drivers can be more beneficial as they are skilled due to following the same route daily.

If you love heights, don’t let yourself sit aside, rather look outside the window to soothe your eyes from the greenery the way presents to you. One of the loveliest places to visit is Shogran‘s Forest Rest House. From the gently sloping grassy lawns of the rest house, one can become occupied by breath-taking panoramic views of snow covered peaks. Kaghan Valley’s top peaks, such as Musa Ka Musalla, Makra and Malika Parbat, are observable from here. For those desiring to stay the night or have a meal, there are several small and medium-size hotels in Shogran.

Siri and Paye- The beauty from head to foot

The peaks of Siri and Paye are the worth seeing places. These neighbouring mountains stand at a height of almost 9,500 feet (Paye) and 8,500 feet (Siri). It is very interesting to know that Siri means ‘head’ and Paye means ‘feet’, the peculiar thing is that in reality, Siri comes first and Paye comes after. Having said that these two peaks depict the very beauty of nature one cannot even think about that.

This place is one of the highest landscapes you can be at, in the Shogran area. When you reach there, take a second to put your camera down and just take a long breath in the majestic beauty of this place. I assure you it will become difficult for you draw your attention at anything else. It is really a captivating landscape.

Bumburet Valley-demonstration of an impressive culture

This valley is not only famous for the natural beauty scattered all around but a cultural manifestation too. Just imagine how it would look that clouds touching the roof tops and fresh air nourishing every breath and above all the beauty of ladies will really catch you away. Their beautiful dresses disregard of the age all in all wearing the same type of attire.

A very beautiful ancient valley having a combination of Muslims and Non-Muslims. You must take an umbrella and some rubber shoes with you, there can be rain at any time.

 People are too good and cooperative, they are known for their hospitality. Most important places to visit are Museum, waterfall, Karkal village and the culture and homes of the inhabitants. Don’t forget to bring their handicraft articles including caps, dresses, traditional jewellery etc.   

Hunza Valley- the paradise on the planet

The much notorious Hunza valley is often referred to as paradise on the planet, wrapped in the grand Himalayas and the Karakoram mountain ranges, this place has been great tourist desirability for many years.

While leaving Gilgit City an hour drive at Karakoram Highway there is point known as Rakaposhi View Point, a small place where from we can gape Rakaposhi. Blue sky and mountain roofed with snow is the first attraction of Hunza Valley.

Karimabad is famous due to diversity of Culture where ancient rulers feel proud to rule. People of Karimabad have smiling faces, modern life-style, small colonies, welcoming gesture and big hearts. Tourists love the manner, how people of Karimabad live, that makes it a hot destination of Pakistan.

Foreign and local tourist relish their time being there, striking to sentry children playing football and gazing tourists speculating to explore sites. In Hunza Valley, Karimabad is a sweetheart to sight.

All in all, it is only one side of Pakistan, what to say about the historical places and other places to visit like sea view and Gawadar port. Not only must this, but the Baluchistan province has also worth seeing places you can travel to.







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