Follow Mina to Canada!

Vacation is an essential activity to feel rejuvenated and revived. Let’s take a trip to Canada here at Social Diary with Mina Ramzi and her husband Turab Ramzi!

  1. Why did you select Canada for your holiday destination?

We went to attend a family wedding in the US so we decided to extend our trip and visit Canada for some days as well to meet our friends and family there.

  1. First impressions of the country while you toured?

Canada is beautiful! It’s a country with clean and safe neighborhoods, well maintained parks, wide roads, nice cars and really cooperative and friendly people. Especially downtown Toronto and Niagara falls are worth a visit! Downtown is very happening and the Falls are truly magnificent.

  1. Which are the must-see places in the destination that you chose?

Downtown Toronto is famous for the shopping mall Eaton Centre which has all the top brands and food outlets and other touristy market areas like Kensington market is also a must see place. Maid of the mist boat ride at Niagara Falls is highly recommended!

  1. People travel to Dubai for shopping or to Nepal for a peaceful getaway. What is the specialty of Canada? The differentiating feature?

Well the shopping in Canada is quite reasonable and you get all the brands under one roof at the malls. There is a lot to do in Canada. It offers various places where you could go and make a day trip. If you travel in summers then the weather is also really pleasant and enjoyable. Plus if you have the US visa then you should visit the US as well.

  1. Popeye’s, Os-Mos and the cheese factory are some famous food joints near the Niagra falls. Did you try and enjoy those? What were your favorite dishes?


None of the above. We went to Rainforest Cafe at Niagara Falls. It offers guests a varied menu including salads, burgers, pastas and signature sandwiches. The decor inside the Rainforest Cafe will captivate you. As you enter through the 80 foot bubbling volcano the rainforest comes alive with animatronic snakes, elephants, and gorillas. The Rainforest Cafe is also the only location where you can experience an indoor thunderstorm every half hour, once the thunderstorm ends make sure to look out for shooting stars and the hidden face in the Starscape.


  1. Deciding on what to spend on more (food, hotel or travelling) is a decision we all take. Which of these do you prefer to empty your pockets on?

I think the hotel should be comfortable enough to spend your nights but not super expensive as normally you are always out and about exploring the new place and indulging in the cuisine it has to offer. So spending on food is a big yes for me! And of course if you like something you should definitely buy it as you never know if you will get the chance again. You should also keep a budget for day trips as it really adds to your overall experience of the place and you learn a lot from different cultures and people.

  1. What did you enjoy most about your trip?

I thoroughly enjoyed my whole trip but the highlight of the trip was exploring Kensington Market with our friends. We explored the whole area by foot. Started our day with some fresh Krispy kermes doughnuts then tried the The Dirty Bird Chicken + Waffles. We then had some delicious tacos. We went to downtown as well. It was a great day!

  1. Any funny incident that took place on your trip?

No not really!

  1. Pakistani currency is pretty weak atm. For those of us who haven’t been to Canada.. how much would you suggest we keep in our pockets in pkr to spend a quality vacation?

If you have your visa and a place to stay then the ticket, food, travelling and exploring should cost you around 4-5 lacs per person for a week for quality vacation.

  1. You travelled to Niagara Falls too. What is the hype of the falls all about?

The awe-inspiring scenery year-round, thrilling attractions, interactive exhibits, miles of hiking trails, and delectable dining options in a family-friendly environment, Niagara Falls truly lives up to its hype and is an adventure-packed experience! The falls are magical and absolutely breath-taking. To have a closer look at the falls and feel the magic of it it’s a must to take the maid of the mist boat ride. You can’t really know the experience until you hear the thunder, feel the mist, see the rainbows and stand in awe of the majesty of God’s creation. It’s crowded but they have a great system for boarding and moving things along in an organized fashion. Be prepared to get super wet and keep your belongings safe and protected.

  1. What are the three things that you always carry with you on your trips?

Battery pack is a must so you can take lots of pictures, umbrella for that unexpected shower and comfortable shoes!

  1. Anything one should be prepared for when visiting Canada?

If you are going during the winters then be prepared for the extreme cold weather! Other than that you could expect rainfall on a bright sunny day. Plus you will have to do lots of walking especially when you are in downtown.

  1. Did you bring / will you be bringing any souvenirs with you?

Yes! Souvenirs for friends and family are a must. We usually buy unique gifts that we won’t get in Karachi.

  1. What is the one thing that you recommend others to try/experience while living among the Canadians?

When in Toronto, do go to the Kensington Market place as it offers great variety of food and you can actually hop from one restaurant to other and get the taste of diverse cuisines in one go! Plus Canadians love Poutine. It is a dish of potato chips topped with cheese curds and gravy. Its something that you should experience.