#Follow Sadia Asad to #USA

With so many wonderful places opened up to tourism, United States is one of those places which people do not travel to so often. But this week we are following Sadia Asad to see the country through her eyes!

By Nudrat Mustafa

Best moments of your life?
What matters to me most is being around family and friends. A lot of my loved ones live in USA. I wouldn’t call any single moment as the best moment of my life. However, good times spent with family were the best times of my life.




What made you want to go there?
The foremost reasons of my yearly visits to USA are my sisters who live there.
USA is a fashion forward country with so many opportunities awaiting you; the recreational trip becomes a learning experience. The country that evolved many celebrities and artists introduced different styles of fashion. I was looking forward to get away destination and what better way to relax, enjoy yet learn so many things from even the streets itself.

Did you have any tough time there?

America for me is my second home. With both my sisters living in US for the past 25 years, I’m very comfortable with the system and traveling around in the US. I don’t remember of any difficult situation that I faced while traveling within the US.

What was your favourite food in America?
 I’m a complete foodie. I absolutely loved chipotle. It’s a Mexican fast food place that offers rice bowls, burritos and tacos.
And you can’t miss the halal guys’ gyros and platters and the classics at cheesecake factory and PF Chang’s are a must to try.

What are your sightseeing recommendations?
In Washington DC area I would highly recommend; the Lincoln memorial, Washington monument, white house, the national history museum, Smithsonian and national air and space museum. They are a true treat to the eyes. It was extremely knowledgeable for my kids as well as me and my husband.

Where did you stay?
If you are planning on exploring Washington DC, then you must stay in the heart of downtown. Everything is walking distance from there. We stayed at the J W Marriott, which is close to the white house and national history museum.

On which thing you spent most of your money?
I have a fetish for shoes and bags. Every single time I end up spending the most on them. This time around I bought a new Hermes gold Kelly bag.

What is the cheapest luxury in USA according to you?
US is a country where you are spoiled for choices. You can get the high end brands at very economical prices which are super expensive in other parts of the world. It’s a shopper’s paradise where you shop till you drop.

Are there any Halal restaurants you recommend?
Halal food is readily available there at every corner. If you are a frequent traveler, you would be familiar with places. Halal guys is exceptionally good. Their rice bowls and gyros are to die for.
In Virginia area there is a desire restaurant by the name of Shineys, their chaats and chicken karhai is finger licking good.

According to you best and worst months to visit USA?
Summer is the best time to make the most out of Washington. The sun is not so harsh; you can enjoy beach life, go outside, soak in some sun and experience everything the sites have to offer.

What Pakistani things are popular there amongst the Pakistani community?
Are Pakistani trends followed there, which was the most common one?
Fusion is what we have in fashion across the globe. Even in Pakistan, we don’t completely follow eastern fashion. However, you can spot people wearing kurtis and colourful outfits which reminds you of our local fashion.

Share some tips for travelers?
Make your life easy, don’t go overboard packing. Be a fun traveler with minimum things in your bag.

Was the visa procedure easy for you? Any tip you would like to share?
Yes, fortunately for me I have a good travel history. One error can cost you rejection, so keep your eyes open while filling the documents.

What are the most stereotypes about USA?
Americans are known to be very casual when it comes to fashion. Personally for me, I spotted some of the craziest street style there which were casual yet chic.

What was the hardest adjustment you had to make?
None to be honest. America is a very diverse land welcoming people of all faiths, religions, and nationalities. If you know the language, you’re good to go.