Follow Shahzad Noor to Italy!

Shahzad Noor – Model

Cathedrals, Colosseum, Pizzas, and fashion! Read about all this and much more as Social Diary follows Shahzad through the streets and cathedrals of Italy!

  1. Why did you select Italy for your holiday destination?

Italy is a top European tourist destination, packed with travelers all year round owing to the diversity of the country. There is a lot to explore from North to south, a lot to see and discover. So if you want, you can easily decide to avoid tourist throngs and just hang out with the locals for a real Italian experience

  1. First impressions of the country while you toured?

The Italians are extremely friendly and welcoming. They will help you out if they feel you need help, at times without even asking. They have impeccable sense of dressing and it’s just a visual treat.


  1. Which are the must-see places in Italy?

Well you have to see the usual places like Colosseum, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain et all in Rome, Sistine Chapel in the Vatican, Duomo in Milan, Florence for its gardens and art, Venice for its small streets and the mysterious ways of the city. But what you really need to do is get on your feet and walk as much as you can to get into the soul of the place. Also don’t miss to drive around or get a scooter and check out the rolling hills of Tuscany. It’s a treat for the soul.


  1. People travel to Dubai for shopping or to Nepal for a peaceful getaway. What is the specialty of Italy? The differentiating feature?

Milan is a fashion capital of the world and there is a plethora of brands from luxury to hi street all across Italy. Milan also has the world’s first shopping centre. What I enjoyed the most were quaint little shops with artifacts in Venice.

  1. Italy is particularly famous for its street foods and gelato. Which of these did you try?

Italian food is perhaps the most famous export Italy has, but on home turf the Gelato and Pizza have no parallel. I think I didn’t stop eating while I was there yet never felt enough. The ingredients are fresh and the seafood is amazing.


  1. What is the best place for hangout at nights?

In Florence Duomo piazza, Signoria & San marco. Actually the place comes alive with street acts and people at night. The vibe is amazing.

In Rome all around the Trevi Fountain Piazza Navona is hustle bustle till late hours in the night. Best place to sit and watch every one just doing their thing.


  1. What did you enjoy most about the trip?

Actually I walked a lot. Just seeing the place on foot is super amazing. One can easily walk whole day. At least I was crazy enough to. But I think forget the trains and trams and walk it

  1. What did you enjoy most about Milan?

Milan is a fashion destination. Most of the big Italian fashion houses are positioned in the city. There is a lot to see and learn if the fashion world excites you as it does me.


  1. Where did you stay at throughout the trip?

I chose to stay in hotels that I had pre booked. I didn’t want to compromise on the stay as I was there for more than two weeks.

  1. Deciding on what to spend on more (food, hotel or travelling) is a decision we all take. Which of these do you prefer to empty your pockets on?

There are plenty of food and accommodation options that suit a range of budgets. So it’s easy to plan a comfortable holiday without spending an arm and a leg. But of course Europe isn’t very cheap. I’d say in Italy, spend on the food.

  1. Any particular shops you visited?

I wasn’t there for shopping but yes I visited my favorite Massimo Dutti, Zara, and Bershka. The usual things I buy whenever I travel.

  1. Did you bring any souvenirs with you?

I brought a cap from the street. An umbrella as it was mostly raining.

  1. What are the three things that you always carry with you on your trips?

It would be:

  • Phone
  • Camera
  • wallet
  1. What time of the year do you recommend travelers to visit Italy?

Italy is amazing all year round. If you are coming in the winters make sure your head south. Avoid August, it’s crazy with tourists and a lot of the good local businesses are closed. You don’t want to miss out on those.

  1. Pakistani currency is pretty weak atm. For those of us who haven’t been to Italy how much would you suggest we keep in our pockets in PKR to spend a quality vacation?

Quality vacation is totally up to the traveler. Can’t say how much is enough. It depends on the extravagance or indulgence. But I would say research online and do your homework before you leave.



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