Getting Candid with our favourite Anoushey Ashraf

Social Diary had a long and relaxed chat with Anoushey Ashraf, the VJ, actor, host, actually a true artist! She made us feel really comfortable and I must say she is one of the most professional stars of our industry. Very professional and punctual! Without further waiting, let us share what she talked about!

On her personal life…

I was born in Karachi some thirty odd years ago and have lived here ever since. I attended school, college here too! I am a true Arian at heart. Impatient but excessively loving! My family migrated to Karachi a little before I was born but we are originally from Iran and India. I was born here and consider myself a true Pakistani, through and through.


Reason of doing A levels privately..

I had already started work and was also travelling out of Pakistan when the semester started. So I was lagging behind by a good two months, so private was the best way to go!


Becoming a VJ back in 2000s…

My dad has always encouraged us to work and start young. At 18, while I was still studying, he encouraged me to find a part time job to keep myself busy and to gain prior experience. I wanted to be a journalist initially so I thought I’d join a channel and do so! I went in looking for work and the CEO of the network saw me and said I should work for and on their music channel instead. I auditioned and as they say, the rest is history.


Her inspiration…

I had no influences! We had to learn from scratch. But I did follow VJ Trey who was on Mtv Far East. He was my favourite so I’d take ideas and observe his skills well.


Her experience of working in drama serials…

Good. But it’s a very tiring task. Long working hours away from home. One has to be a VERY passionate actor if they want to be in this profession. I was always running short on patience because I’m used to live shows! No waiting.


On pursuing acting…

I may. I never think about what I want to do next. If an offer appeals to me, I’m in. So even I don’t know what I may be pursuing next. The idea is to live life in the moment and enjoy your present every step of the way!


On family being supportive of joining showbiz…

My mom and dad were there for my first audition! My mom was very encouraging. Am so thankful for them. They taught me no professional should ever be looked down upon and one can find respect wherever they go if they respect themselves. MashAllah, I’m very thankful that they supported me!


The brands that she has worked for so far…

Many, I’ve worked with Warid, Pond’s, Sanofi, 7up, lifebuoy, Loreal  etc


Any bad experience on working for any brand…

Brands are always good, it’s the agencies that line you up that you sometimes have trouble dealing with


Travelogue! What, where and why?

I’ve been working on travelogues for a bit now, not only for tv, but also for social media, foreign networks etc! I love travelling the world so I started documenting it all for myself and fans online, it has worked really well and I do want to be the first Pakistani woman to travel to all the countries in the world.


Her most pleasant and dreadful experience while travelling for the venture..

I had a very good time when I had travelled to Sweden for work. The place was beautiful, remote and unexplored. I loved seeing all the lovely cities etc.

No trip has EVER been dreadful but because of political tensions between India and Pakistan, sometimes it’s difficult to move around freely.


Interesting as well as uninteresting fan encounters …

My one fan Blue Pervaz has been a fan since the day I set foot in the business, will today he sends me stuff. Truly special. On the other hand, another guy came to my house and my mom thought he was my friend. When I walked into the living room I was shocked seeing a stranger standing in my house with a bouquet. I asked him to leave thinking he was crazy, he came around our building a few times, hanging outside the apartment and I threatened to report him, until one day he disappeared!


Marriage being anywhere on cards?

InshAllah! One should always be positive and think for the best, so you never know! [winks!]


The kind of guys she likes….

There is no such thing as right or wrong, it is what it is. So I can’t say if he smokes it’s bad, or if he’s too short he’s not my type. I’d just like for us to respect each other and be good friends.


Message for the readers of Social Diary Magazine!

Carry your life maintaining a good balance in everything. Balanced diet, happiness, sadness, religion, work and family time. Don’t let the scales tilt on any side, for balance is the beauty of life.


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