Ghana Ali Actress

Ghana Ali the beautiful model has a promising career ahead. Social Diary in rapid fire questions tried to learn from the emerging star her daily things to do, her favourite TV, movie stars, projects ahead, etc. Blunt and candid, she speaks out her mind and gives a glimpse of her preferences.


Define yourself in 3 words?

Loyal ambitious funny

The last book you read?

Secret soulmate

All time celebrity crushes?

Jason statham

Breakthrough project?

Be sharam drama serial & sandil

One thing you always carry around except your wallet and your phone?

There are plenty though  Perfume car keys & gum lol

Your go to person for advice?

My sister Axa tahir

If you were not in a profession you are, you would be a?

Chartered accountant or lawyer

Last movie that you watched?

I tonya(Margot Robbie)

Favorite person to hangout with?

My sister axa , Hira,zeeshan bhy, Sara Zuberi, Raza can’t name 1

One song that always stays on your playlist?

Guns n roses patience

One word that you use a lot?

One word that I use  a lot ( oh GOD!!)

Your inspiration comes from?

I am proud of myself for having a great family as my support system no matter how many times I fell down there always there to back me up! Alhumdulillah

I’m proud of myself for___.

The very first thing I do when I wake up is reading Quran

What is the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?

Yea there are but I don’t believe in disclosing my future plans the one which u guys already know is my my film ( gawah rehna ) very close to heart due to its content so IA fingers crossed

Worked really hard on it I hope u guys will like it too

Favorite TV Show?

Favourite tv show is  Resurrection ( ertugrul) Turkish seas

If you had a superpower what would it be?

Ummm that’s a cute question  To read others brain right on spot may be … or speed, agility

Favorite food?

( noodles) cuisine ( Chinese)

Favorite perfume?

Georgia Armani (Si)

If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?

Prague (Europe) I do have a thing of historical places

So this is in my to do list !!! I would like to explore Prague to explore more about history

Favorite genre of music?

jazz,hip hop

You get irritated by?

if someone lies to me over and over again

What chore do you hate doing?

I love doing household stuff and there’s absolutely nothing in my routine I hate , otherwise it wouldn’t be in my routine

How many siblings do you have?

5 and I am the youngest

Your favorite emoticon?


Favorite city?

Lahore & Karachi both

If your house was on fire what two things would you run back for?

Phone , handbag

One thing on your bucket list this year?

i have to word harder and with more concentration this year that’s all i am more focused this year

What is one thing most people don’t know about you?

I do find out very quickly when people hide or lie to me :p actually most of the times yes!!

to go and see everyone I cant meet due to my schedule to know weather  they are ok or not!!


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