Gohar Rasheed

Gohar Rasheed

Model & Actor

Fun, quirky & straight forward responses, Let’s get rollin’ …


  1. Define yourself in 3 words? Fiercely loyal, relentlessly ambitious & comfortably unapologetic
  2. The last book you read? Girl on the train
  3. One song that always stays on your playlist? Where the streets have no name by U2
  4. All time celebrity crush? Elizabeth Hurley
  5. One thing you always keep in your bag/wallet? Money
  6. Your go to person for advice? Amna Niazi & Samra Muslim
  7. Favorite quote? “Being realistic is the most commonly traveled road to mediocrity”
  8. Last movie that you watched? Atomic Blonde
  9. Favorite person to hangout with? Aisha Khan
  10. Favorite style icon? Not a follower, I am a trendsetter
  11. Favorite shampoo? Kerastase
  12. Your texting buddy? Bilal Ashraf
  13. One word that you use a lot? Theek hai

14 Life according to you is? Roll tide float

  1. Your inspiration comes from? From each and every one of you
  2. Proud of? The values instilled in me by my Mom
  3. What time do you wake up? 11’ish, not a morning person
  4. What’s better, certificates or experiences? Experiences
  5. Favorite TV Show? West world
  6. When I dance I look like…? It’s where I am most comfortable, no inhibitions
  7. Favorite food? Nothing beats Desi
  8. Favorite perfume? Kenneth Cole Black
  9. Favorite Holiday Destination? London
  10. Favorite genre of music? R&B
  11. You get irritated by? Interruption
  12. What’s your super power? The ability to make someone laugh at their lowest
  13. Snapchat or Insta? None
  14. Your favorite emoticon?
  15. Shooting for Rangreza had been _? A delight
  16. The current project/drama you are working on is about? Marital rape