Hina Ashfaq – Model

Come grab a hot cup of tea and read about the upcoming model Hina Ashfaq, with Social Diary Magazine.

1. Who is Hina Ashfaq? Tell us about yourself (your background, education, lifestyle etc.)
Well I would define myself as a simple person who dreams big and extremely passionate about whatever she does. As far my background I am Punjabi by ethnicity, I graduated in arts back in 2014 and after that I worked briefly for a well known company but with the passage of time I realized this isn’t what I wanted to do.
As far as my life style is concerned I’m as normal as anyone could be I love socializing , I’m terribly found of music/ dance and hardcore foodie last but not the least for me family comes first.
2. How did you get started as a model?
Soon after my job I was approached for Miss Veet 2014 this was the turning point in my career as well as my life.
3. At what point did you decide to begin a career in modeling?
Well… I don’t remember exactly but yeah I’m glad that my hobby became my profession and now it’s my passion!
4. What do you feel was your breakthrough campaign that established your name in the industry?
Well there are many but my first break through project was with hub leather then hushpuppies and my recent most fave is jazz. These projects are very closed to my heart.
5. What were some of the challenges you faced when you entered the modeling industry?
Initially I faced a lot criticism concerning my height and weight. I struggled with that and eventually overcame any shortcomings that I thought I might have had.
6. What is your dream project that you would love to work on?
I would love to appear on the big screen. Moreover my preference is for the role of a very strong character
7. Modeling is undoubtedly difficult. What has been the most challenging part since you started?
Miss management of time and miss commitments are two things annoy me the most.
8. Which designer and campaign have you enjoyed working with the most so far?
I loved working with all of them. But I am particularly fond of working on international campaigns.
9. Model features or model behavior, which is more integral to the success of a model?
A perfect combination of both
10. What is your secret to maintaining such a shapely figure?
Detox and a maintaining good healthy life style
11. Do you have any mentor or someone in the industry that you look up to for guidance?
Not really. I’m self-made
12. Who is your inspiration in the fashion industry, both national and international?
Marlin Monroe, Diana and yes off course Priyanka Chopra
13. What are your upcoming projects? Which of them are you most excited about?
A few campaigns shoots (tvc, magazine cover, and brand) and yes on acting side my two projects will be on air soon.
14. You have made quite a name for yourself within a short time. Has it been overwhelming or too much to handle?
Still looking for more and more…
15. Are you here to make friends in the industry? Or do you have a strictly professional approach?
I would say it is more of the latter, which is to have a strictly professional approach, then former. This is mostly because I have more or less professional approach.
16. When you are not modeling, what are your hobbies and how do you spend your free time?
Most of the free time that I have, I spend it at spas for relaxation. And yes so much sleep
17. Tell us something about yourself, which very few people know?
If I answer this what’s the point then whole world will know
18. Will you ever consider straying into the field of acting?
Yes, I have considered wandering into the field of acting.
19. If you were not a model, what career would you have pursued?
I would have been a fashion designer.
20. What advice do you have for individuals looking into getting into modeling?
If you are passionate about this than go for it otherwise No
21. What is your take on the current state of the fashion industry in Pakistan?
I think it’s very progressive
22. Do you think more fashion shows will boost the music scene in Pakistan?
Perhaps it could be. But both industries are very different
23. Share any funny and/or memorable incidents with the fans?
Not that I can recall
24. Any message for your followers and fans?
Stay blessed and thank you so much for appreciating my works.

Quick Bits:
1. Who was the last person you got a text from?
I can’t share
2. Last book you read?
The subtle art of not giving f**k
3. Favorite movie/s?
I’m not a movie person but yeah I love horror and comedy
4. Your all time celebrity crush?
Zac Efron, Shahrukh Khan and Fawad Khan
5. You favorite TV series of all time?
6. Your biggest fear?
To be alone or lonely
7. Biggest wish?
I want every kind of happiness in my life
8. You spend most of your money on?
Saloon/spa, food and shopping
9. Favorite perfume?
fearless and Bombshell by Victoria secret, lacoste touch of pink, Moroccan rose by body shop last but not the least viva la juicy
10. Early bird or Nocturnal?
Both depend on my routine.
11. Favorite pizza topping?
Pepperoni, chicken chunks cheese and lots of cheese
12. Your favorite city in Pakistan?
I can rank them 1 Lahore 2 Karachi then 3 Islamabad
13. Ideal breakfast menu?
Anything healthy like brown bread with scrambled eggs or boiled with tea
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1. Farah Talib Aziz
2. Tapu Javeri
3. Sadaf Kanwal
4. Abbas Jafri
5. Ather Shahzad
6. Emmad Irfani
7. Alyzey Gabol


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