Imran Abbas

Heart throb, multi talented and the most handsome Imran Abbas Naqvi is a well known Pakistani actor and model. His personal charm and alarming allure are two simple reasons to sell the merchandise he models for and his amazing potential as an actor and his refined dialogue delivery are certainly the talk of town these days. Imran is much loved by the public because of his dashing looks and brilliant acting skills. His recent Bollywood projects brought him into the limelight across the border as well. Here Social Diary took his exclusive interview for our readers, so here you go… have a look…!!!

When and how did you start your career?984291_10153729502317788_435875990250143063_n

Soon after I acted in my first drama ‘Umrao Jaan’ in 2003 which gathered critical acclaim and positive reviews. Sultana Siddiqui, saw my talent and offered me more drama work which helped in building my career further. So, to further answer your first question, after I was given such positive feedback and encouragement, I was hooked to this career!!

What motivates you to act?
My motivation keeps changing from time to time. Mainly money and good team motivates to acts. It’s not like that; if there is good money I can do any crap. I look up to the team, location and quality of work.

A lot of people look up to you, who inspires you, who is your role model?

I think my mother is my role model and I think she is the only person I look up to. She is an amazing person and I always salute her, the way she groomed and brought us up.

What is the hardest part of being a celebrity?
Hardest part of being a celebrity is you start missing small happiness of your life. Everything becomes so public that you don’t have any private life. You start depriving yourself with a lot of things. You need to wear the mask all the time of being happy that is not the case with everybody.

Your favorite co-stars in modeling & acting?
Sanam Jung is my favorite co star.

Why do you enjoy acting?
I enjoy acting because I meet new creative people. Acting is in my blood, I travel a lot, experience new cultures, new ways and explore a lot in acting. We tend to meet people you always dreamt of like I have met Lata Je, Muzafar Ali.

What are your educational qualifications?
I have studied architecture from, National College of Arts (NCA).
How do you balance your personal life with work demands?
I have never allowed stardom, celebrity status or media affect my personality. I act as if I am just doing my regular job as if I am working in a bank with the same level of professionalism and dedication. I don’t want fame to deprive me of the small pleasures of life which make it all worth living.
How did you get involved in acting?
For me acting comes naturally. I believe in imbibing the character I have to play and practice the dialogues beforehand. It is very important for me to be perfect at what I have been hired to do, only then can I improve and become a better actor. As an actor I have some limitations. I don’t take on those characters where I feel I might fail to do justice to the character.

Define success.
Everybody has different definition of success for me success is a happiness. There is no set of rules for success. I have seen people those who have nothing but still they are happy. Success is a state of mind or peace of mind.

What has been your biggest achievement in the field of acting?
I think working with a director Muzzafar Ali in India is a big achievement for me.

What is something that you know now that you wish you knew when you were first starting out as an actor?

I used to deliver my dialogue very fast initially. And I try my level best to be natural in my acting. I am still in a learning phase. Words can solace you and words can also hurt more than anything. So I have learned through time how to deliver and give weight to every word.

Are you working on any current projects?
I am working on Mera Naam Yousuf Hai and a Bollywood movie, name and details will soon be shared with media.

What sort of acting roles do you hope you are performing in the future?
My forthcoming film is an intense love romantic film. And my second film is an action thriller.

How is audience reception different in Pakistan and India?creature-3d-review-news
I think the reaction and the reception has been similar in both countries. Everyone appreciates good work. I have received great respect in Pakistan from TV audiences and probably because of that adoration in Pakistan I have received recognition in India. If I had not appeared on TV in Pakistan perhaps no one would recognize me in India. I am truly very grateful for the adulation I have received from Pakistani TV audiences. I am definitely garnering good reviews in India which can be seen by the standard of projects I am being offered and doing. This can be witnessed by the fact that I hosted the BIG Star Entertainment Awards and by the fact that I worked with Muzaffar Ali which I think is a big achievement as he is a great director who has worked with all of Indian’s screen legends.

Tell me about a time where you had difficulty turning yourself into a character. What was the character and why was it challenging?

Currently, Janisaar is difficult because it’s a period film and in the past working in Umrao Jaan Adaa was hard because I had to act elder to my age in it and it requires a lot of time to read and understand the lingo of any period.

What do you enjoy most about your job?
Well, travelling and meeting new people.

What are your weak points when it comes to acting?
I am a perfectionist and I try to give importance to tiny details from the location to wardrobe to the delivery of my dialogue.

What do you think are your strong points as an actor?
I don’t do method acting and I know my limits and I don’t take script which are beyond my capacity to act. I think people can relate to my acting.

Is it true saying “If you set your mind to it, you can do it”?
Yes to some extent. Work hard, do your best but the verdict is with Allah.
As I always say, “Dream, work, believe and achieve”.

What is your best quality as an actor?
I am very professional and loyal to my work.

Any favorite movie you watched many times?
I can’t watch anything again which I have seen once. I have a very short attention span.

How does u keep yourself fit and smart?
Exercise, exercise and exercise… 😉 I follow very healthy lifestyle I eat healthy, drink healthy.

What type of music do you like and who is your Favorite singer?
I like classical music, Ghazal. Abida Parveen, Lata Je, Mehdi Hassan… It’s a very long list…!!!

Any plans of marriage in coming future?
Yes, very soon InshAllah.

Any advice to aspiring actors?
Give their best shot and try to work hard. Everything is destined don’t take things to your heart. It’s not worth wasting your time; just do your best and rest leave it to God.

Any message for your fans?
Be positive stay happy and be good to everyone. Stay blessed..!!

Rapid fire:

Nick name Mani.
Birthday 15 October.
Birth place Islamabad.
Hobbies Water sports, Music literature.
Most valuable asset My family.
Favorite designer Tom Ford.
Favorite food Lebanese.
Favorite drink My protein shakes.
Favorite perfume Amouage.
Favorite place to visit New York City.
Favorite color Blue, Yellow.
Bad habit Oblivious.
Good habit I don’t lie and don’t hurt anyone.

“Dream, work, believe and achieve”.

“I like classical music…”

“Everybody has different definition of success for me success is a happiness.”

“Working with a director Muzzafar Ali in India is a big achievement for me.”


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