In conversation with Aijaz Aslam

Energetic, dynamic and downright brilliant. You fall short on words to describe the versatility of someone like Aijaz Aslam who has been making a strong mark in the world of acting, production and fashion with his sheer passion to continue to strive forth in making a difference.
The megastar, gracing our screens since his television debut in 1993, has no plans to slow down as he has also launched his own line of natural skin care products, planning to progress into clothing and accessories pretty soon.

Social Diary sat down with the multi-faceted artist to know what keeps the fiery passion burning and what more can we expect from him this year:

SD: A pioneer in the field of acting, modeling, fashion and production, looking how far along you’ve come, which area in your plethora of talent has been most rewarding and why?
Aijaz: I always believed in myself and looked after myself in terms of fitness and I believe that has given me strength and energy to pursue my passion i.e. acting; doing challenging roles where I can explore myself. This keeps me motivated to do better and I would keep on experimenting. This I believe is my ultimate reward… I absolutely love what I do best.
SD: How far along the small screen industry has come when it comes to making quality and impactful drama serials?
Aijaz: We have come a long way but I believe there is still a lot to explore. I feel we have to glorify our history and the real heroes especially to our younger generation who must understand the depths of our historical significance.
However our productions mostly depend on our rating system; it really lies onto our viewers now to decide what they want to see.

SD: How do you choose your projects and is there a genre you haven’t explored yet but wish to make a mark in?
Aijaz: I choose my projects after reading the scripts. If the script is something that catches my eye or if my role is something I feel like I can provide justice to, I go for it. I also would really want to explore my potential in action and horror genres.
SD: As a producer, what kind of projects do you aim to create that solidify Pakistan as a leading industry in presenting great drama serials?
Aijaz: My aim is to bring social issues to light. Especially those that are hidden behind closed doors of abusive households and other institutions of society, so that people worldwide would be able to relate to it.
SD: Coming to Pakistani films, is it something you feel you need to venture into and explore more strongly?
Aijaz: I haven’t given it much thought as of now but yes, I will ponder upon it in the near future.
SD: As someone also helming the fashion industry, how satisfying it is to be able to make a mark in the world of fashion? Was there a personal style sense you wished to unveil with your brand?
Aijaz: My brand philosophy is to make people believe in our locally made high quality products and they should feel proud using them. It’s an online brand ( and I started with all natural skin care products for now but very soon I’ll have clothing line / accessories and other products will also be added to it.
SD: Looking back, is there a production you wish you were a part of, that you feel you could have portrayed a character better?

Aijaz: I think everyone does their utter best when they take on a project. I will never compare myself to another person because they might be good at something I’m not good at and vice versa.
SD: Your word of advice for the emerging talent who are still struggling to make the cut?
Aijaz: Hold on tight. You might face ups and downs at the point you are at but the grass is very green and very beautiful on the other side. The entire struggle will seem worth it at the end when you are at this end of the rope.
SD: What creative projects are you working on right now and what can we expect from you in 2021?
Aijaz: Focusing on my brand and developing some unique and effective products.
SD: How do you keep on striving ahead, since your early days in Kashkol. What keeps you energized to continue doing what you do?
Aijaz: My work is my passion and it’s the biggest driving force for me.




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