Social Diary Magazine catches up with the brilliant actor Ayesha Toor for an exclusive chat.

How did the idea of acting materialize for someone like you who has previously worked as a journalist?
I think a creative person is not really bound by any medium but only wishes to Indulge in the arts, so when the opportunity presented itself, I thought why not!
Has your prior on-screen training as a television journalist helped you become more confident as an actor?
I have always been confident but my training definitely gave me a different perspective. I have been behind the camera as well so light angles and all other details are tools that I can use to make my acting better.

What is your acting style?
I am a canvas and I expect the director to paint on it.

Do you feel that physical features are given utmost precedence in our entertainment industry? Do you not feel that this practice needs to change for the better?
Just like every other industry across the world, predefined notions of beauty exist but there is no reason why one wouldn’t break the mold. Each time I am cast that is precisely what happens.

Are roles assigned to female actors based on how they look? Is there some truth to this?
Every role, big or small has a mood board, an ethnicity, a gender as well as a look and a time period attached to it. So, all roles are cast by looks as well as the person they are supposed to represent. What is wrong with that?
What do you make of ageism in Lollywood?
It is present everywhere but that doesn’t mean it has to bog you down. I don’t have a cast by date; never believed in one, don’t need one.

What new projects are in the pipeline?
Currently a television film, a drama and a scintillating web series in which I stir up a lot of trouble!
What more do you want out of your career?
What more? Well, I would definitely want to create some more magic before I hang up my boots!










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