In Conversation with Danial Afzal The Instinctual Take!

SD: How did you get into the field of entertainment?
Danial: Took a different route, got myself in post production and paved my way through.

SD: Was acting as glamorous as you imagined it to be?
Danial: The work itself isn’t, the perks are.
SD: Modeling or acting- which is closer to you and why?
Danial: Acting of course, but I have to say both have their own charm. Acting is actually a longer process and comes with a longer impact. Modeling feeds the self obsession bit.
SD: What were the major setbacks you had to face?
Danial: I couldn’t get the smaller roles which are easier to bag. But I have to say good looks were a blessing in disguise. However the thing is, they couldn’t see me doing smaller roles yet couldn’t give a major role to a freshie.
SD: Among all the roles, which one remains most fulfilling to you and why?
Danial: The role I played in Umm e Hania. It was fulfilling because it got me out of my comfort zone and got me to do things which I thought I never could. I feel it is my best work yet, well according to me.

SD: How do you rate our drama industry as compared to the serials and shows made globally?
Danial: The best thing about our dramas is the relatability and the way they are made, in the most natural settings possible. Specially when it comes to locations, most of the times they are the same where people can be in everyday life, so our dramas have that homely feel.
SD: What about films- ever think about embarking onto that direction?
Danial: Every actor does, I do too, but waiting for the right project, right people.

SD: How do you choose your projects?
Danial: My choices are totally instinctual, if it hits me right, I do it.
SD: In a world where people easily criticize and judge your every move on social media, how do you try to steer clear of controversies and involve in your work completely?
Danial: It’s not that hard, one has to decide whether he/she wants to be a part of controversy or not. If you decide to have a work only approach you’ll automatically be behaving in a way which steers you clear from such controversies.
SD: It seems our drama industry is following a monotone storyboard- how do we move forward from the clichés?
Danial: By being a little brave and coming out of our comfort zones and not playing it safe all the time. Risks demand losses and I guess our producers don’t want to risk a well oiled machine. As long as these cliched moves will keep on paying they won’t be moving in a different direction. Nobody hates easy money.

SD: If there was one thing you could change about the industry, what would it be?
Danial: One thing and one thing only, stop treating it as a business only and treat it the way it’s treated all over the world, which is as ‘art’. The day it happens, it’ll all be sorted.
SD: What are you currently working on and any upcoming dramas to watch out for in 2022?
Danial: I have multiple projects in the making. Ae Musht e Khaaq is airing on Geo tv, then it’s going to be Badzaat for Geo as well. Rukhsati for ARY Digital. Saaya 2 for Geo tv again. Jindoh on Green tv and College Gate for Green tv as well.


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