In Conversation with ‘Maham Amjad’ All-Rounder “Sky Is Not My Limit”

In this week’s issue we have with us a person who’s cherished by many for carrying the work ethics that she does. She turns anything she touches to gold. Her decade long journey of having a career has taught us that a girl can be anything she wants as long as she puts her mind to it. Ms. Amjad is not just the youngest entrepreneur but is also someone who’s broken many norms of society. We’ve learned many things from her but most of all, how to live life fiercely/unapologetically and how to always speak for the right. Ms. Amjad has become an inspiration for many in Pakistan. She is looked upto by many young boys and girls who aspire to be independent. From Marketing to Fashion to Realestate industry of Dubai. Maham’s decade-long career has been very interesting, more so because she refused to believe she is just a pretty face. She has faced challenges head on and refused to believe she can only be good at one thing. In her own words “A person can master more than one skill and that still doesn’t make him/her extraordinary, we didn’t come to this world to just be good at one thing. At Least I didn’t”
From being the most bullied kid in school to now a woman whose picture is on the cover of magazines. From being the girl who threw up in debate competitions to now a woman who’s the highest paid host in Pakistan/UAE. From being called not O levels material to being on the Hall of fame of the school. From being called just a pretty face to becoming the youngest female entrepreneur of Pakistan. This has been Ms. Amjad’s journey and Social Diary Magazine is here to enquire more about it.

SD: “Jack of all trades master of none”, what do you have to say to the ones who use this phrase?
Maham: The ones who use this phrase have no idea that “Jack of all trades master of none” is not the complete phrase. It’s “A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one.” And that’s exactly what I have to say to them.
SD: Many say that you could have been a mega star in Pakistan if you wanted to be. Why didn’t you continue working in the entertainment industry?
Maham: Anything I’ve done so far in the entertainment industry, whether it was hosting, doing TVC’s, music videos or drama cameos, it’s not something that I was passionate about. It was a hobby that made me happy from time to time. Just doing that has never fulfilled me.
SD: Is it true that your friends used to take you into meetings, painting you as someone who’s part of their team, making you close business meetings?
Maham: That was a long time ago but yes that happened a couple of times. My friends have always told me that I’m very convincing and took full advantage of it. I was taken into meetings to negotiate budget and once made me close a corporate deal too.
SD: From Marketing to Fashion to Realestate, what’s next?
Maham: Currently I’m busy trying to tap into another market. The year 2020 has been a game changer for the Real Estate industry of Dubai; we have enjoyed great highs and I think it would be wise to spread the wings to London before we see the dip in the market. So that’s what I’m working on right now.
SD: Did the 18years old ever think she’d come this far?
Maham: I had goals to be independent at 18, that’s when I did my first job. Everytime I achieved a goal another was added to the basket. That’s how I function. Did I think that I’d come so far? I don’t think about tomorrow. I work on the present. Obsessing over the future only creates hurdles for today. The only thing I knew at that time was, that I’ve taken up a war at home to work as women of my family weren’t encouraged to work. And I wasn’t going to let it be – not worth it.
SD: Why weren’t women encouraged to work in your family?
Maham: It’s not as bad as it sounds. 3 years prior to being independent, my father was murdered and my family had genuine concerns which I don’t blame them for. The only thing that I couldn’t absorb at that time was the mindset of society – this was 2011 Lahore. A girl seen working at that time was automatically assumed to be earning the bread and butter of their homes because why else would women work if it wasn’t in dire need? This wasn’t the case with me, I have never supported my family financially because there’s never been a need. My family just didn’t see the point of me working when I eventually had to get married according to them.
SD: Speaking of Marriage, some say you run away from it and some say you’re all for it. Which one is it?
Maham: Neither. Nor am I running away from it and nor am I chasing it. I actually have a lot of respect for marriage and I’m not willing to even consider someone who doesn’t feel the same respect towards it like I do.
These past few years what I’ve realised about myself is that sharing the same morals and values is something which is very important for me. I have a rule in life, I don’t allow someone to enter my life now unless we share certain morals and values, that goes for friends too. If you see the people I call close friends, you can spot similar traits in all of them. Those are the ones I call my tribe. I’ve said this before. 4 things I will never compromise on are – Honesty, loyalty, integrity and respect. Until I find all these 4 things in a person I am not going to settle.

SD: Your vision towards a progressing Pakistan- what kind of role should the citizens be playing in it?
Maham: Pakistan will only progress when young minds are given the opportunity to be decision makers. Experience is great but experience of bad government is not an experience in my point of view. The whole concept of democracy is to have the government be elected by its people. Voting for any party should be taken very seriously, the concept of hierarchy needs to be completely removed from Pakistan. Just because you were once the supporter of one’s father doesn’t mean you go on voting for his son/daughter now. This is stupidity in my opinion. Lack of education is the reason for the downfall of Pakistan. When the majority of people voting to elect a government are not educated, how can they make a good decision?
SD: Milestones you wish to attain in 2022?
Maham: Tapping into the Real estate market of London is all that’s on my mind right now. I don’t have a wish list – I have a ‘make it happen list’.
SD: We know we are not supposed to ask you about launching your third company but please give us some hints at least.
Maham: All I’ll say is, if you know me you know if I do something, I do it with a bang. When it’s time, you’ll hear the noise.
SD: If sky is not your limit, what is?
Maham: Who says we have to have a limit to our goals in life? I’d like to see myself as limitless. There will be no limits to my goals and I’m going to be as unapologetic about it as I can be.

SD: Ending on,who’s your role model?
Maham: Muhammad Ahmed Amjad. The man who I learned to be self made from by looking at the life I saw him built for himself by himself. To have a role model means to look up to someone for each aspect of their life. I will forever be obsessed with his generosity, his kindness, the morals and values that he carried and engraved in me. I am so fortunate to be able to call this man my Father. Excelled his career, 18 gold medalist in 21 years of his career, an exceptional father, incredibly generous and kind. Always stood for what’s right so much so that he happily took 10 bullets fighting for the right and refused to stand with the wrong. That’s my role model.















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