In Conversation with Nameer Khan “Want To Do Something Larger Than Life”

Pakistani actor ‘Nameer Khan’ has been creating mega buzz, representing Pakistan on an international level as he stars in a commercial series in Canada. The dedicated individual who is a software engineer by profession was always fascinated by movies and entertainment and knew his time would come, as he is committing to making his mark in the world of fashion as well as acting. Social Diary had an interesting interaction with the rising star to know more on his plans, Canadian projects, movies and more!

SD: What was the first thing that attracted you about the world of acting?
Nameer: Growing up I was always fascinated by film stars. Whenever I used to watch them on big screens, it used to give me goosebumps. I grew up watching Bollywood movies, after every film, I used to think “I wish I could do what these stars are doing. I wish I could do what these stars get to do- dance, superhero movies, fight, cry and much more.” Moreover, actors have this influential position in society. So, I always used to think that one day when I become an actor, I will use my platform to help people around the world and in my country.
SD: How did you overcome setbacks, if faced any?
Nameer: I am at a very early stage of my career right now. However, when you do something out of your comfort zone, you face difficulties, setbacks, and much more. Whenever I face setbacks, I remind myself of the good things in life and I try to see what lessons are there for me to learn in this setback because living life cannot be taught but it can be learned and you learn it when you hit setbacks. Also, I believe considering the field that I have chosen, I may face setbacks in my future. It’s just a start, hopefully the start of something big!
SD: Did you feel there is enough potential in the industry for new and emerging talent?
Nameer: Yes! Because of the pandemic I’ve seen a great shift in our industry from dramas on TV to web series and short films on digital platforms, therefore there is more content being produced so more demand for actors. Our industry is booming and there’s a lot of potential for new talent but a lot of competition as well. At least that’s what I see!!

SD: How did you feel you would be bringing an edge and something different to this field?
Nameer: I just stay true to myself. I am a great observer, so I have been observing what’s missing in the industry and I’ve been trying to learn all those things. Either it’s acting skills or soft skills – whatever is missing I am learning so that I have something different to offer. I try to do projects which other actors have not done so that I can stand out in the crowd. I believe a strong portfolio, great craft, good soft skills, and work ethics can take you places.
SD: What remains your absolute favorite experience till date?
Nameer: In my acting career I’d say the commercial series that I did here in Canada for TV because at such an early stage of my career I got work and performed on the international stage. Working with such mature and experienced people was an unforgettable experience for me. Also, in fashion modelling MNR campaign because that was my breakthrough, and it will always be very close to my heart.
SD: Is the fashion industry highly competitive? Do you bring your own personality into the game of making a mark?
Nameer: Yes, the fashion industry is very competitive! One can only succeed in this industry if he or she has something unique about their personality or look and as I said before, I stay true to myself which has helped me a lot in the fashion industry. I try to make sure I am before time on the set, I try to take this job as seriously as I used to take my corporate job seriously. Hence, being on time, being professional, good relationships with people around you, making them feel comfortable around you and giving 110% to the job is helping me in making a mark in this industry.

SD: Modeling or acting – which is closer to your heart and why?
Nameer: Acting for sure! It allows me to put myself in someone else’s shoes. Different characters, personalities, choices, and beliefs! It’s an interesting concept. Living alone in Canada has helped me in exploring different characters in me, as I deliberately used to act differently with different groups of friends. Moreover, I used to sit downtown, observe people, make up their back stories, and think about what their life is like. Also, modelling is close to my heart as well because I love taking pictures and you have more freedom in modelling in terms of looks and makeup. However, Acting over modelling!
SD: You are starring in a series of international commercial series, how did you land this gig for a Canadian bank?
Nameer: I always used to admire actors representing Pakistan internationally. I was in Pakistan from March 2020 to July 2020 and my fashion modelling career was taking flight, as I was getting offers from big brands. But I had to return to Canada since I am also working as a software engineer full time. When I came back, I was very anxious about my future and the fact that I left everything in the middle was haunting me. Hence, I decided that instead of sitting and worrying I will try to figure out how things work here. I got admission in an acting school in Downtown Toronto, and I started understanding the craft and the industry itself. Long story short, I prepared the tools which are necessary for an actor here in Canada to book a job. After that, my agent and I started applying for jobs. I booked three projects: a commercial series for a bank, a short film for Toronto Film Festival (in rehearsals phase) and the lead role in a music video of a Persian music composer and guitarist Babak Amini (in post-production). All in all, getting a job in acting here in Canada is just like any other job.

SD: Do you feel there is potential in our entertainment industry to make a major global impact?
Nameer: Although we as an industry are still in the developing phase, we are learning, growing, and getting better day by day. I believe our industry has great potential and our actors can be seen in international projects but for that we must scale up our standards and let our content out on international platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime to show the world what potential we as an industry have.
SD: What kind of genre do you wish to explore and why?
Nameer: I haven’t thought much about it, but I want to do all sorts of characters. I love to connect with the audience, so I’d love to play the role of a common man. You know how Akshay Kumar and Fahad Mustafa play common man, very relatable roles, that’s how I want to do it so that the audience feels connected.

SD: What are you hoping to attain in the coming year?
Nameer: I have huge goals for myself. I want to do something larger than life. I want to be the next face of the Pakistani film industry. I am a hard worker and right now I am just waiting for the moment when I meet the right person/director or right team/people in Pakistan with whom I can work day and night and do wonders. However, for next year I really want to book a role in a web series, film, or a short film.
SD: Your words of inspiration for new talent trying to make a mark?
Nameer: I don’t know if people want to hear this or not, but I’d say to them if you really want to be a part of the show business industry then only craft/art will not take you places. You must be sharp and genuine. This industry is all about connections, networking, and people skills. If you are good at all of these, you will get opportunities and that’s when your craft will be tested. Play smart and work hard in the right direction.


Best memory from childhood?
Early morning Cricket matches during the summer vacations
Your most prized possession?
My parents
Your favorite fashion designer?
Omar Farooq and MNR
The one thing that is a mood killer?
When something doesn’t go as planned
Three things you have with you all the time?
Fanny bag, charger/phone, perfume.
Your life’s motto?
Live life with mindfulness
Morning Person or Late Nights Enthusiast
Morning Person

Desi Wear or Western
Depends on my mood
Deepest Fear
To have regrets in life
Biggest Regret
Didn’t go to fashion or film school
An Inspiring Role Model
Shahid Afridi

Biggest Strength
Observer and power of emoting through music
Someone you wish meet
Shahid Afridi
Top 3 things on your bucket list
Parents Comfort, Successful acting career, and business.
The best thing about your work
Every day is a new day
The worst thing about your work
Work ethics are missing in the field
Your favorite actor?
Fawad Khan and Bilal Abbas
What people don’t know about you?
I have a master’s degree in software engineering.
Your dream destination
Back-packing trip to Europe
A film you wish you had been a part of:
Film: Khel Khel Mein
Web Series: Qatil Haseeno k Naam












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