In Conversation with SAAD QURESHI Against All Odds!

That chiseled look, distinctive voice and major superstar vibes, you would think Saad Qureshi was destined to grace the screen. However nothing comes easy, especially when you have to strive for your passion while putting aside family expectations. However it is with commitment, determination and relentless passion which allows you to make your mark. And Saad is one artist who let his talent speak for itself, putting all stories to rest and assuring the audience he is made for the screen and he shall continue to shine. Speaking to Social Diary, he let us in on his best roles to date, why he chose this field and what the pandemic taught him. Read On:

SD: When did you feel you wanted to get into the entertainment industry?
Saad: I always had it in me I believe. After I completed my studies abroad I came to join the family business but my head was somewhere else that I wanted to pursue. I achieved it the right and hardworking way without any connections in the media industry with no theatre experience. I learned about different acting techniques and acting schools, devised a technique that worked for me and here I am.
SD: Were there any setbacks you had to go through?
Saad: I had to leave my family business in order to achieve something that I was adamant on doing. I achieved my success through hard work and honesty in my profession.
SD: What was the most overwhelming aspect for you when coming in front of the camera?
Saad: When you’re playing different characters that people could relate to it comes with great responsibility. You need to let them find some level of relatability; you need to move them in such a way that you’ll be remembered for making a difference. Making an impact in people’s lives through a meaningful appearance on the screen and character building plays a pivotal role.
SD: What remains the most special and favorite character you did and why?
Saad: Waleed Murad from Meer Abru has to be one of my favorites. This character had many shades as for the youngest one in the family I could indulge the personality with credibility to being loyal and disloyal at the same time.
SD: Care to share a funny incident that ever took place during shooting at one of your projects?
Saad: While playing Waleed Murad, I was so into my character I actually went into a class room without realizing that there was an exam taking place, and didn’t come out until I heard the word action from the director. I still remember the examiner shouting at me.
SD: How do you choose your roles?
Saad: I always read the script and do some character building before jumping to any conclusions. I believe every character that we play is relative to some life idea which can get influenced by it. The characters who are integral to the script through meaningful impact are always my favorite whether protagonist or antagonist. I believe every character has something powerful if it’s presented the right way to the audience. You make things believable.
SD: What are we going to be seeing in 2022?
Saad: Few really fun projects are lined up that will cater to the audience of different genres. Playing polar opposite characters at the same time. A lot of excitement is coming this year to my fans screens IA. Stay tuned
SD: What has the pandemic taught you- personally and professionally?
Saad: Fragility of human life I believe. To stop, reflect and celebrate small things in life that actually matter. We are so much into the rat race these days that we don’t realize or care about things that want attention. Resistance and patience are enduring to every man made practice now just after these two years. Personally we all went through a lot and the PTSD needs to be addressed at many levels for everyone exposed or not exposed. Professionally I believe that we were also the front line workers providing entertainment in the devastating times as one of the things that got people going was entertainment through tv channels. Honestly in all humility I realized the responsibility and accountability of your actions on human life matters and persist.
SD: Would you consider taking on films anytime soon?
Saad: Yes, when the right opportunity comes
SD: How do you create a good balance between your personal and professional life?
Saad: I always take some time off after a project to spend valued time with my family. I keep my personal life very private. I believe how much nourishment you get from your personal life reflects on your work so we believe in support and working on it as when I’m not shooting or after steady shoots I keep my own time with the family where I’m nowhere to be seen.
SD: What is your mantra to steer clear of gossip and social media trolling?
Saad: Don’t engage or pay a heed.


Your New Year’s Resolution?
Work on an international project
Your most prized possession?
Haven’t gotten it yet
The one thing that is a mood killer?
Three things you have with you all the time?
And a mind that wanders
Your life’s motto?
To bring a positive social change through my work and popularity
Desi Wear or Western
Depends on my mood
Deepest Fear
Biggest Regret
Yet to be made
Biggest Strength
Someone you wish meet
Leonardo di Caprio
Top 3 things on your bucket list
Do a character that has mass relatability
What people don’t know about you?
I’m a very good lawn tennis player
Your dream destination
Your favorite dessert
Any dessert with strong chocolate hazelnut flavor
Best thing about your work
I can live different lives of different characters
Worst thing about your work
Sometimes it can be emotionally draining



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