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Social Diary spoke to the talented Sharyal Khan who is currently working as a Marketing & PR Head of Gulberg Galleria, and along with that she manages a blog on beauty, health, fitness and lifestyle. Let’s see what she talked about…


Tell us about yourself and your blog?
I am a 23 year old fashion, Beauty, health, Fitness and Lifestyle blogger. I am currently working as Marketing Head of Gulberg Galleria.  About 6 months ago, I began my blog, titled Sharyal Khan Blogger. It started out with me writing about different brands and posting pictures of them on my Instagram page which is by name of Sharyalkhann. I also used to post my outfits pictures and rant about products that I like or dislike.  I started gaining followings on Instagram. I never imagined myself writing a blog. I was quite hesitant at first because I thought who would want to read about me? But surprisingly, a lot of people did!  I began to cover fashion, health, beauty and lifestyle, and as I began to gain followers, my passion for writing grew simultaneously. My blog is really a reflection of me – a bit random but has some nice bits in there! It’s a mix of beauty and lifestyle. I started it because I really love writing and what better way to get your writing out there.


What do you enjoy most about blogging and what do you find challenging?

Blogging really gives me an outlet to take pretty pictures and write about things that I genuinely love. If I could blog all the time, I would! I really enjoy looking for inspiration, setting up pictures, researching: all of it! The only challenge I have faced since I started is, finding the time to actually write posts and put them together to the best possible standard. If people are going to take time out of their day to read it, I want it to be great!


Who would you consider to be your biggest influence in the fashion/beauty industry?

I absolutely love Victoria Beckham. She had a vision and created an empire. She is such a hardworking and elegant lady who I have always had a lot of respect for. She was my idol when I was 16 and still is nearly 23 years later.


How would you describe your choice of style or does it vary?

I don’t like to categorize my style because it really does vary, especially since I turned 23. It has become a lot more ‘me’, which I love. I like a bit of everything to be honest.


What fashion accessory would you not leave home without?

That is an easy one for me. I am addicted to designer handbags so I wouldn’t leave the house without a good handbag, Earrings and my Watch.


Are there any particular bloggers that you’re looking to for inspiration?

There are some very inspirational female bloggers out there at the moment. People like Suzanne Jackson and Akanksha Redhu have really made great careers out of blogging. I think that’s incredible!


What’s the best advice or tip you’ve discovered about blogging since getting started?

The best advice I could give bloggers is to be yourself. There are so many blogs out there but only one you. So pick a style that reflects your personality and then keep your content varied.


When did you decide to use your knowledge and passion for fashion on social media?

As a result of watching videos and reading blog after blog I decided to set up my own little blog, which I told no one about. Eventually I shared it on facebook and Instagram but as it started to catch some attention from brands etc. I wanted to launch a professional blog with a new name, image etc and that’s exactly what I did.


What advice would you give to women who may not be body confident?

I have to say being a woman and being body confident is so hard in 2016. We are bombarded with so called ‘perfection’ everyday in magazines and online that it can be difficult to be happy in your own body. I personally think that when you feel good in yourself, you can feel body confident. I have lost nearly a stone and a half this year and that has really helped me personally with my own body confidence. I am a lot happier in myself and that definitely comes across in my blog.


For other bloggers out there who are just starting out, what advice would you give them?

It is hard at the beginning. I started when there was not a lot of bloggers so my journey was not as tough as it is now. The market is becoming so saturated that my main bit of advice is STAND OUT. Make yourself a little different. Don’t just be another fashion and beauty blogger as you will get lost. That is my main bit of advice for anyone that asks me now. Be prepared to work hard. The life of a blogger isn’t easy either. I work full-time and work my blog around that. I sometimes work 12 hour days and then have to do my blog as well. Be prepared but think about what you want to do to make yourself that little bit different.


What is your goal for the future?

In future I would love to still be writing and if I get a good opportunity I would love to work with a fashion Brands for their Marketing & PR.



Quick Bits:

  1. You love : My Work
  2. You hate: Lairs and selfish people
  3. Hobbies: Discovering & Shopping
  4. Favorite travel destination: Paris, Turkey
  5. Blogging for you: my life
  6. You spend more of your money on: Bags and shoes.
  7. Favorite perfume: Chanel N5
  8. Morning person or a night owl: Night Owl
  9. My Go to Accessory: My earrings & watch, I never leave home without these.
  10. THREE MUST HAVE ITEMS IN Your CLOSET: A good pair of Jeans, Black Dress Shirt and white sneakers.

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 Instagram: Sharyalkhann

 Facebook page: Sharyalkhanblogger

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