In conversation with Syed Raza Rahman


Social Diary spoke to Syed Raza Rahman COO of Sefam Pvt. Ltd.  who spoke about his career and their brands ideology and a lot more. Read on and see what he has to say…

Tell us a little about your educational background?

I have done my MBA in Marketing and management from Quaid-e-Azam University Islamabad .Then I joined PIFD (Pakistan institute of Fashion design) for a couple of years .After that I did a course in management from Harvard University in 2014 .

Briefly tell our readers about your professional journey so far?

I started my Journey in 1997 with a multi-national company and worked there till 2002 ,but after 9/11,the company withdrew its operations from Pakistan .Then I got the opportunity to join MINNIE MINORS as Brand Manager in March 2002 .To begin with ,there  were only 4-5 outlets of MINNIE MINORS but now there are more than hundred .After that  I took over CHINYERE and eventually launched RANG JA and SUPER SQUAD.   .

What’s the Ideology behind all of your brands ?

There is only one ideology – ‘’Never Compromise on Quality ‘’.Innovation and good customer service are also an integral part of our company motto .

Which brand is closest to your heart ?

Personally MINNIE MINOR is very dear to me as I started with this brand and have seen it grow and expand over the years.

What makes your brand different from other brands available in the market?

I would say that the difference from other brands is our superior quality and easy accessibility –Minnie Minors is one of the oldest children’s brand and available in all major cities of Pakistan .

What are the challenges you have faced so far?

In the early days there was little or no competition but over time the market expanded. By 2008,there were a lot of children’s brands to compete with .They imported almost everything from China whereas we make sure and take great pride in the fact that everything is made in Pakistan .This did lead to some difficulties in the beginning but all is well now.

What do you do whenever you are stressed or upset?

I watch movies, listen to music and whenever possible, travel.

What are your hobbies?

Photography and cricket –apart from that I am an incurable shopaholic.

Name a few favorite travel destinations?

Zurich and Venice top my list.

Tell us a little about your family?

My wife is a designer and we have three boys (Masha’ALLAH).

What would be your message for the youth?

Follow your dreams and impossible is nothing as long as you persevere!







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