Increase Humidity in Your Home without a Humidifier!

The humidity in your air is an important factor for your health throughout the year. Dry air in your home has been known to aggravate respiratory problems and is claimed to make you more likely to catch a cold or the flu.

It also is beneficial for hardwood floors to have a consistent humidity level, as the boards will swell in higher amounts of humidity, and constrict when the air is dryer.

Aside from the classic “big and clunky” humidifier you grew up with, here are 11 alternatives to increasing the humidity in your home.


1. Let Your Clothes Air-Dry

Save some energy, skip the dryer, and line-dry your clothes in your home on a drying rack. If you have the extra space, this is a great way to get more moisture into the air.


2. Put Bowls Of Water On Windowsills

If your registers are on the wall or ceiling, try placing a bowl or vase on a sunny windowsill. The warmth from the daily sun will gently warm the water and it’ll evaporate slowly into your air.


3. Drink Tea Instead Of Coffee

Using a teapot on the stove (versus heating a mug in the microwave) to heat water for your tea will help release moisture into the air.


4. Leave The Door Open When You Shower

Let the steam escape from your bathroom and into the home be leaving the shower open when you shower.

5. Bathers, Let the Water Cool before Draining

If you prefer to soak in the tub, keep the door open and let the water cool to room temperature before draining. The warm air will evaporate into your home. You can also do this if you wash dishes by hand in the sink.


6. Get A Few Houseplants

Houseplants can help in adding humidity to your home. How? Plants continuously release moisture from their leaves and stems of plants as vapor. This process is called transpiration and as long as you keep them watered, they will help aid in regulating humidity levels in your home.


7. Let Your Dishes Air-Dry

Have you ever opened your dishwasher before the heated cycle? Yes, you’re welcomed by a hot whoosh of air. As another way to save energy while adding moisture to the air, open the dishwasher after the last rinse cycle and let the dishes air-dry themselves.


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