Jibran and Afifa take us to Italy

  1. Why did you select Italy (Europe) for your holiday destination?

Italy was one of the five countries my Family and I visited this summers. Italy has always been one of my favorite countries because of its beautiful Mediterranean coastline, shopping, Ancient art and culture.

  1. Which cities have you been travelling to within Italy? First expression of the cities you named?

Well, within Italy we travelled to Milan which is Italy’s Fashion Capital, Florence which is the home of renaissance art and architecture, Rome which is the home of the Vatican and ancient ruins and Last but not the least Venice, often known as city of Canals.

  1. People travel to Dubai for shopping or to Nepal for a peaceful getaway. What is the differentiating feature of Venice from the rest of Europe?

The differentiating feature of Venice from rest of the Europe has to be its beautiful summer sunsets, architectural inspiration, narrow canals and lovely peaceful Gondala Rides’s with an eye relaxing view. It really is the “City of Love”.

  1. Traditional pizzas from Italy are considered irresistible.. Did you try them out and do you think it was worth the value? What difficulties did you face in general while finding yourself healthy, halal food?

We practically ate pizzas and pastas for our entire trip in Italy and believe me still didn’t get bored of those mouthwatering Pizzas and Pastas lol. My family and I are very strict about Halal Food and I must say it was difficult to find that in Venice. Hence, we enjoyed the

vegetarian pizzas and pastas to the fullest .

  1. Venice is considered as one of the most beautiful cities of the world because of its beautiful canals. How has your experience been with the boats?

Venice is one destination my Kids would love to go back to as they enjoyed the concept of “Water Taxis” we had to use for every journey we made. Gondala Rides was one thing we did at least twice a day because my kids were totally in love with the feeling of going under those narrow beautiful canals and exploring the city.


  1. Did you bring any souvenirs with you?

Every city we visit I have a habit of collecting the Fridge Magnets and Key rings from there

. So even in Italy the souvenirs I bought were Fridge Magnets and Key rings .


  1. Where were you staying and was it comfortable enough for you? What do you think is the current situation of the accommodation in Pakistan? (In comparison)

We stayed in a very Luxurious Beautiful Villa with a Breath Taking lovely view. As far as accommodation in Pakistan is concerned for tourists then I must say every place reflects its culture in the design and architect of the tourists accommodation so I cannot compare Pakistan and Italy as they are both different countries and both reflect their roots and history.

  1. Any funny incident that took place on your trip?

There were many fun incidents we had in Venice, the one I will share is when I tried to Row the Gondala myself. It ain’t easy lol for sure requires a lot of practice.

  1. What is the one place which you would want everyone to see?

One place I would recommend all the tourists visiting Venice is “Piazza San Marco”. It is the largest and Biggest Square in Venice and the view is breathtaking. Also, the Gondala Rides you will catch from there will show you the most beautiful Canals in Venice.

  1. Crazy shoppers are always looking for things they MUST have. What would you suggest they should buy and from where (If you know a particular place)?.

See these days you can practically find everything from everywhere so I would not suggest any must buy things from there as every individual has their own choice and preference when it comes to shopping. However, I bought Borsalino hats and hand crafted sandals for myself . It might be a cliché but trust me they do them better than elsewhere.

  1. One word to describe your experience?

On word to describe my experience would be “LOVE” ❤.

  1. What is the one thing that you always take with you on your trips?

My one must thing that I ensure I carry with me on all my trips no matter if it’s a cold or hot destination has got to be SPF Sunscreen.

  1. If you had to spend more on either shopping, sight-seeing or on a comfortable Place to Stay.. which one of these would you prefer more?

Gosh this is a tricky one lol, Ummm If i had to spend more on either shopping, sight-seeing or on a comfortable Place to Stay…I would prefer Spending more on both Comfortable place to stay and Sight-Seeing.