Kids YouTube Channels That Are Entertaining ( And Super Educational)

The Dodo Kids This new YouTube channel — from leading animal brand The Dodo — is the perfect place for kids, preschool and up, who love animals and love to see heartwarming, playful animal stories even more. From incredible rescue stories to the sweet “Baby to Big” series that chronicles newborn deer, tigers, seagulls, otters, and rabbits, this channel is furry feel-good fun. The latest installment? The Dodo has partnered with Sesame Street to bring a sweet new series on pet adoption called “Families For Furry Friends” that features Elmo, Cookie Monster, and real-life forever families. If your kids love to learn about animals, this will certainly scratch that itch.

National Geographic Kids

National Geographic Kids helps children explore the world through fun, well-produced videos that include everything from cool science experiments to adventurous field trips. It is time to explore the world in a whole new way. Not only is there plenty of information that your kids will be able to get from this, but it is truly entertaining in ways this intel is presented. Let your kid know about the world in the most interactive manner!
Storyline Online


At Storyline Online, kids can cozy up for a virtual story time as actors like Angela Bassett, Betty White, and Mark Duplass read children’s books. Storyline Online is an Emmy-nominated children’s literacy website that spotlights books with positive messages for children between the ages of 4 and 7. Truly nothing beats the art of storytelling- make it a memorable experience for the kids as they dab into the most amazing way of sharing their stories.
TED-Ed, run by the same nonprofit that brings us TED Talks, is building its library of educational content by producing animated shorts that challenge young viewers to use their brain power and think outside the box. A lot of the content on this channel are better suited for older kids because some of the topics (like the ones in the series “Questions No One Knows the Answers To”) are a little too abstract for younger kids. Personally, we love the videos that ask viewers to solve riddles. Now, in all fairness, I couldn’t solve the one titled “Can You Solve the Bridge Riddle?,” but my son and I had a blast trying to figure it out.
Cosmic Kids Yoga

Who said Yoga needs to be boring? Cosmic Kids Yoga features videos that teach mindfulness and relaxation geared toward kids ages 3 and up. The channel also offers interactive adventures where the instructor guides viewers on a make-believe trek through a forest or into outer space. The exercises help build strength and balance and encourage kids to use creativity and their imaginations. Chaturanga to Upward Facing Dog with a dragon in a magical forest? Yes, please.
Smithsonian Channel

The Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History is a must see if you happen to be in the Washington DC area. But if you can’t get there in person, check out its YouTube channel for fun and educational videos that tackle a wide variety of topics from archaeology to astronomy. Besides, you might just enjoy it, too — because nothing is cuter than this baby orangutan trying to open a coconut. The videos are simple, but they are realistic and sometimes all you need to do is ensure your kid knows how this life we live actually keeps us going when we appreciate everything that is around us.
Netflix Jr.

The Netflix Jr. YouTube channel features characters from popular Netflix shows, like “Ask the StoryBots” and “Super Monsters,” in fun sing-alongs with bright, engaging content. I’m a fan of the “ABC Jamboree” videos, where they take each letter of the alphabet and set it to original music performed by the StoryBots. The content here is usually under five minutes per video (perfect for waiting in line), and new content is added weekly.


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