Kompal Iqbal Khan

Kompal Iqbal Khan–Actress

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  1. Who is Kompal Iqbal khan? Tell us about yourself (your background, education, lifestyle etc.)

I was born on 25th august. I have done my Bachelor of Arts& planning for masters. We are two sisters including me. Sumbul Iqbal is my elder sister and I am the younger one.

  1. Have you always aspired to be an actress? Or did you grow up with a different profession in mind?

I had never planned to be an actress in my life,but it happened because I wanted to join the field watching my sisterSumbul in it. It was my motivation. I found this profession very interesting to work in drama’s & play different character’s and personalities.

  1. At what point did you decide to begin a career in the entertainment industry?

Is there any director in particular, who you would want to work with?

No one in particular. I would like to work with every director.

  1. What is your dream project that you would love to work on?

As I just started working in dramas and I am getting very positive response from audience and my fans so right now every project is like a dream project for me that I would love to work on. I make my character, I work on my wardrobe, on my getup. I love to give my best & do justice with my character

  1. Who do you look up to in the entertainment industry as a mentor or as a role model and why?

From our industry film star ‘Rani’ is the one I admire. I watched her films andI love her acting skills, dance and expressions.

  1. How do you juggle your work life and personal life? Do you ever feel you are missing out on any aspect of a regular lifestyle?

When I get busy at work I take out time from my schedule we go out for dinner, plan vacations, we hangout, family is like everything for me.

  1. Is there any funny incident from on the sets that you find particularly memorable?
  2. Is there any actor- both locally and internationally, who inspires you and whose acting you are particularly fond of?
  3. What is your take on the current situation of Pakistan’s entertainment industry? Do you think it is growing independently or there is still a struggle to mold an identity and repute?

As compare to last 10 years our industry developed so well in a positive way. Our industry has groomed much but for cinema we want more effort and vision.

  1. Is there anyone in the industry who you would like to work with?

I would like to work with every living legend of our industry.

  1. Tell us about some of your upcoming projects that you are working on.

Working on my upcoming project &I am so excited. I can’t reveal much but you will soon watch it on screen

  1. What hobbies do you like to pursue in your free time?

I hang out with my family, I love cycling, I watch movies, I never miss my daily walk, listening to music, I sleep a lotthat’s why my family call me sleeping beauty because I sleep a lot.

  1. What advice do you have for aspiring actors who are trying to get into this field?

Be passionate about your work. Work Hard & focus on your acting give your best. It is better to do no work than to do bad work. “If there is no work coming your way, that’s fine. But the work you do should be good. And good work does come along in different forms.

  1. Share any funny and/or memorable incidents with the fans?


  1. Any message for your followers and fans?

Thank you so much for your appreciation and lots of love. I love you all back

Quick Bits:

  1. Who was the last person you got a text from?

From pizza company

  1. Last book you read?
  2. Favorite movie/s?

It’s a longlist but few of them are Lollywood- Khuda ke liye. Bollywood- Jab we met, kuch kuch hota ha. Hollywood- Twilight, final destination, and Jurassic park.

  1. Your all-time celebrity crush?

There is none. I can get over anyone.

  1. You favorite TV series of all time?
  2. Your biggest fear?

If my loved one’s get in any trouble & pain make me scared.

  1. Biggest wish?

First one is – Always to be a proud of my parents. Second is World tour

  1. You spend most of your money on?


  1. Favorite perfume?

YSL Manifesto

  1. Early bird or Nocturnal?


  1. Favorite pizza topping?

cheese, chicken &mushrooms

  1. Your favorite city in Pakistan?


  1. Ideal breakfast menu?

Omelet, fruited yogurt, Cinnabon


One word for the following:

  • Mohsin Abbas Haider: Very Talented
  • Sajal Aly: Brilliant actress
  • Imran Abbas: Handsome hunk
  • Sanam Saeed: sensible
  • Mikal Zulfiqar: Girls crush
  • Amina Ilyas: Glamorous
  • Munib Nawaz: Happy go lucky


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