Larger than life, Zealous and a Fashion Mogul unlike Any Other… In conversation with HSY!

I f you ever find yourself amidst a discussion where fashion is brought up, the name ‘Hassan Sheheryar Yasin’ or how he is more lovingly known as ‘HSY’, is bound to come up. An eccentric, passionate and extremely talented individual who continues to enthrall and surprise the masses with whatever creative project he takes upon, had an interesting chat with Social Diary as he took us on a captivating journey on how his work has progressed through the years and how he continues to move forth with the same fiery passion with which he first stepped into the world of fashion. Read On:

SD: Having helmed a fashion empire as one of the leading fashion designers in the country and putting Pakistan on the map, how do you think the fashion industry has evolved over the years?
HSY: It’s turned into an industry now. When I first started, it was still small businesses, small ventures and now it is a huge industry with councils, fashion weeks, schedules, professionals handling the business beyond the clothes like photo agencies, styling agencies, and so on. There are so many more jobs created for people because of this industry and now many people contribute to its growth. So, there’s been a big change, and I’m happy about that change. We’ve come to a point where the subdivisions within the industry have also grown exponentially which will help the industry to grow even further.
SD: What remains the most significant aspect of your journey in the world of fashion?
HSY: The fact that I got the opportunity to not just take but also to give back. After all these years of putting in the effort, I am now able to give back to the emerging talent through my mentorship program HMP (HSY Mentorship Program). I get to work with new students, new emerging talent and give them all the support, knowledge, and guidance they need to cater to this industry. Sometimes, to get the know-how you have to have a mentor. It’s also free, and it’s something I’m very proud of.
SD: And the fashion world was just the beginning. Having become an ace couturier, how did you go about hosting your own talk show?
HSY: They all came in their own time. My plan was to market what I do, my clothes, and my business. I wanted to come up with smart ways of doing things that other people were not doing. When HumTv came to me, I never thought the talk-show would be as big as it was, but I tried to remain true to myself and I have remained true to myself. I’ve always believed in being authentic and that reflects in my work as well. I work very hard at everything I do. I don’t think anything comes easy. I try to have my own separate identity, whether that be through acting, designing, being a disc jockey on radio, directing fashion shows, I put hard work and effort into my work. There’s no substitute for hard work. I never let being HSY get to my head. Whatever I’m going to do, I have to work hard just like anyone else and put in the effort.
SD: Was becoming such a significant member of the entertainment world always on the cards?
HSY: I have been and always will be a showman. I like to put up a story, may it be through my fashion shows, my acting, hosting, etc. Whatever I do, I make sure it’s engaging. It’s always been my way of working. I like to engage the audience in what’s larger than life. What we sell, entertainment or luxury is not a need or want, it’s a desire. May it be television, movies, Instagram, I love the idea of entertaining.

SD: What remains your driving force to continue making a mark in whatever you pursue?
HSY: I believe each person must grow in every way possible, emotionally, physically, spiritually. I do everything I do to just keep growing. The day we decide that we know it all is the day life stops and I have always had the desire to learn, grow and experience things.
SD: Let’s talk about the most exciting news in town- your role in the drama ‘Pehli Si Mohabbat’. How did it happen?
HSY: I had just finished filming a movie, and then they offered me this role. It was very exciting because the role was so far removed from who I am. It was a challenge and I never say no to a challenge, there was no other thought process behind it.
SD: The majority of viewers are completely smitten by your complete makeover and extremely different look in the drama, especially that defining accent. How did you come about accepting this role and how hard did you work on excelling your acting expertise?
HSY: It was a challenge so I accepted immediately. I worked very hard on it. I got classes for pronouncing, I started growing my beard, I started preparing for the role 3 months prior. I started dressing like the character, I got into method acting and just got into being that guy.
SD: What does the future hold? Can we expect to see you in other major acting roles?
HSY: The future is completely unpredictable. I’ve been offered other roles. My movie comes out this year, with that, I’m doing fashion as well. Life is unpredictable, so I just go with the flow and just try to do what I can with it.
SD: You are a beacon of hope and an inspiring figure for the masses on how we can attain almost anything, your word of advice for those eager to attain what you have?
HSY: Remember that you are limitless. No matter what anyone tells you, you have the capacity to grow. You’re stronger than you know, just believe in the power of you. You know, I get nervous and scared as well but I still do the things I want to do. You must rise above your fears and I believe, if you want, you should always do new and exciting things.





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