Let’s get dip into Wardha Saleem’s secret world…!

Fashion designer Wardha Saleem spotted sharing one of the most precious likes from her exclusive selection …! 

  1. Favorite mascara?

Estee Lauder sumptuous extreme.

  1. Any pet?

Yes 4 cats.

  1. Which brand sunglasses now a days?

Valentino and Ferragamo.

  1. Favorite Hairstyle?

I like bouncy blow-dried hair.

  1. Which style of earrings you like most?

Traditional CHAND BALLI.

  1. Best friend???


  1. Favorite personality?

My mom.

  1. Most expensive dress you bought yet, and for what occasion?

I end up wearing my own stuff.

  1. Favorite lip color of which brand?

Estée Lauder Tiramisu –Crème.

  1. Favorite desi food?

Nihari and fried kabab.

  1. Best diet tip?

Eat fruit and a lot of green drinks, also Detox water.



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