Mahnoor Khan

A rising star, who had established herself as an talented singer, before she stepped into the field of acting, Mahnoor Khan has taken everyone aback with her looks and skills. Join Social Diary Magazine to get to know her better.


  1. Who is Mahnoor Khan? Tell us about yourself (your background, education, lifestyle etc.)

I’ve done masters in English. My life style is very simple.

  1. Have you always aspired to be an actress? Or did you grow up with a different profession in mind?

               Always wanted to be a doctor but when I did my FSC I realized it’s not my cup of tea because of all the blood.


  1. At what point did you decide to begin a career in the entertainment industry.

I always used to perform in college and from there I started singing.


  1. Is there any director in particular who you would want to work with?

                I don’t have any specific director in my mind. But yeah I want to work with best ones like Haseeb Hassan, Danish Nawaz.


  1. What is your dream project that you would love to work on?

                I work really hard for each and every project of mine, considering each of them as a dream project. But yes I would like to work in a movie, as a playback singer and as an actor.

  1. Who do you look up to in the entertainment industry as a mentor or as a role model and why?

                Whoever is doing exceptional work in our industry is my mentor. I look up to them and want to work like them. There is no specific name since our industry is full of talented people.


  1. How do you juggle your work life and personal life? Do you ever feel you are missing out on an aspect of a regular lifestyle?

I am extremely organized and disciplined person. My personal and professional life never gets mixed up. I already plan my next day’s routine that’s why I miss nothing.


  1. What is your take on the current situation of Pakistan’s entertainment industry? Do you think it is growing independently or there is still a struggle to mold an identity and repute?

I believe regardless of the field patience is the key you need to have enough patience to achieve something. Pakistani drama industry has grown tremendously over the time people across the globe are aware of our industry. It’s not that difficult to make your identity in this industry if you know your direction and move in right direction.


  1. Is there anyone in the industry who you would like to work with?

Fawad Khan


  1. Tell us about some of your upcoming projects that you’re working on.

I’m working on a few projects for different channels I cannot disclose the details right now. But Insha’Allah we will start shooting after Eid.

  1. What hobbies do you like to pursue in your free time?

I play ludo


  1. What advice do you have for aspiring actors who are trying to get into this field?

Whoever wants to be a part of this industry please bring a lot of patience with yourself, things will take time don’t hurry about anything. Try and choose right direction for yourself, and in order to achieve something don’t do any such thing which you regret later on.


  1. Share any funny and/or memorable incidents with the fans

There’s no funny incident so far


  1. Any message for your followers and fans?

I want everybody to pray for me and make it your habit to pray for each other. Thanks a lot for your support and love. Keeping showing your support and I love you all.





Quick Bits:

  1. Who was the last person you got a text from?

A friend

  1. Last book you read?

Forty rules of Love

  1. Favorite movie/s?

Dev das

  1. Your all time celebrity crush?

No crush

  1. You favorite TV series of all time?


  1. Your biggest fear?

To be alone or to go alone somewhere.

  1. Biggest wish?

To be a good human.

  1. You spend most of your money on?


  1. Favorite perfume?

I have many, Gucci and channel

  1. Favorite pizza topping?


  1. Your favorite city in Pakistan?

I love Lahore and want to explore northern areas

  1. Ideal breakfast menu?

Anything healthy and refreshing

One word for the following:

  • Mohsin Abbas Haider – Hard Worker
  • Sajal Aly – Cute and Innocent
  • Imran Abbas – Handsome and Super innocent
  • Sanam Saeed – Strong
  • Mikal Zulfiqar – Good Actor
  • Amina Ilyas – Strong and Passionate
  • Munib Nawaz – Actor



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