Make Your Beard Soft & Straight

Women find bearded men irresistible. And, men sport beards due to a number of different reasons. While some keep it because it complements their face, whereas others find it to be a sign of masculinity. Many men fancy keeping a beard these days, just to stay at par with the latest trend of sporting facial hair. Well, whatever may be the reason, if you have a beard, then you must know the tricks to maintain it as well. You have to get used to it. Your beard now is part of you. Just like the hair on your head. But unlike the hair on your head, the beard gets in contact with the food you eat. And it’s more prone to be touched during the day.

Unless you wash your hands super often, then all the germs from your keyboard, the money or the tube might end up in your beard. Not to mention that it is probably the most exposed part of your body. That means it is the first one to get the dust waves or the rain.

And, unlike the rest of your body, your beard does not have an immune system. It cannot fight debris, food or dust. We highly recommend you using a beard brush. It is one of the oldest and most natural ways of making hair soft. They carry the sebum oil and with every stroke you distribute it across the hair. This makes the beard softer and silkier.

Also, it is a great tool to clean your beard. Especially if you choose not to wash your beard every day, a brush can help remove impurities and product from your hair. We recommend using it daily for a softer, cleaner and healthier beard, either while applying beard oil or beard balm, or without any product, just for cleaning purposes.


Let’s have a look at beard care routine for a softer healthier beard.

  1. Wash your beard with beard shampoo. Give it a proper massage while you’re at it. It will not only clean it properly, but it will also improve the quality of your skin.
  2. Towel dry it when you finish. Use a blow dryer if needed. But no matter your choice, be gentle. Your beard, while attached to your face, is alive. You don’t want to upset it! It has many ways to get its revenge!
  3. Apply beard oil or balm on dry (not wet) beard. Apply a few drops in your hands and massage your beard working your way towards the roots. Massage the roots as well.
  4. Use beard brush to distribute oil or balm evenly across beard and face. As previously mentioned, it will help you tremendously to obtain a soft, healthy beard.



Since we already gave you all the aces in our sleeves, we also have some tips for you to consider for your beard grooming routine. So there you go:

  1. Stop using products containing alcohol. Alcohol dries skin and hair, leading to split ends, savage beard and, scarily, wrinkles!
  2. Pay attention to the ingredients that your face soap contains. Use products that contain natural ingredients and, should time allow you, try to do some research beforehand.
  3. Don’t apply beard oil or balm on wet beard. Using this practice will not allow your beard to absorb the product effectively, because the water will dilute the oils or will prevent them from being spread evenly across your beard.
  4. Going to bed with dry beard means a crazy beard in the morning. Take the time to dry it with a towel or with the blow dryer.
  5. Use beard oil before you go to sleep rather than beard balm. Balm will give some weird shapes during sleep because of the beeswax.
  6. Don’t use beard oil or balm on a dirty beard. Always apply on clean beard. You don’t want to mix product with dust and debris. It will only clog your pores leading to other problems.
  7. Prefer sawcut combs and not cheap plastic. Cheap plastic combs aren’t smooth enough and can damage your beard. They can cause split ends and make your beard frizzy, messing your well groomed look.
  8. Trim your beard or use scissors to reduce split ends. This will give you a softer beard and a healthier look.

That being said, gentlemen, let’s get to business and make the most out of those beards!



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