Making Her Mark! In conversation with KINZA RAZZAK

With her distinctive looks, graceful aura and incredible acting chops, Kinza Razzak is already making waves, keeping fans intrigued with her amazing performance in the popular drama series “Log Kia Kahenge” opposite to Faysal Qureshi. Driven to continue working passionately, this army child always had a natural inclination towards performing arts.
Diving deep into projects that have substance, she is definitely here to stay.

Social Diary sat down with this rising star to know more about her driving force, her future projects and more…

SD: For someone coming from an army background, how often did you travel and which city remains your favorite?
Kinza: Since the day I was born, I’ve been travelling after every 2-3 years to a different city. My favorite will be Lahore- where I live.
SD: What were the major setbacks you had to face while trying to set base?
Kinza: Of course when you’re almost always on the go- you can’t have a set foundation; I had to change school, friends, home. So it takes some time to adjust to the new normal but again this had a major advantage as well; I had friends from all over and then I became very adaptive to change.
SD: What was the major thing about the entertainment industry that attracted you?
Kinza: I’m a very dramatic person in real life. I’ve been camera friendly since childhood. I used to ask my family to capture me on camera with my usual activity. Apart from this, I feel I’m instinctively inclined towards performing arts.
SD: What kind of criteria do you have in mind when choosing projects?
Kinza: I feel the most significant factor is the script and later on what kind of character you’re being offered. The character should have depth and substance.
SD: How far along do you think the entertainment industry has come in terms of quality work and global appeal?
Kinza: Yes, they have come a long way, but I still feel that the dramas that were produced back in the days had substance in it. Nowadays, creators don’t have the freedom of expression. There are so many limitations and barriers; therefore, it’s a long, long journey for us to grab attention globally.
SD: How is the experience of working with such a versatile group of actors and production houses going so far?
Kinza: It’s been amazing to work with all the great actors. I mean they have their own distinctive techniques of work, so I’ve learned a lot from every artist that I’ve worked with.

SD: One actor you look forward to working with and why?
Kinza: To be honest there are so many. Since I haven’t worked that much in the industry therefore I have a long list of actors that I want to work with.
SD: You are making your mark in dramas and telefilms already; will we be seeing you in Pakistani movies soon?
Kinza: As a matter of fact- I don’t think we’ll be seeing movies anytime soon because of the pandemic. On the contrary- yes for sure, why not! I want to keep all avenues open for myself.
SD: What is the one major stereotype you want to reflect on through your acting chops and why?
Kinza: Every person is beautiful regardless of their religion, caste, creed, and race. People should start loving the creatures of God and quit disliking or hating them (a little empathy towards each other would be great). I feel the world has become a very superficial place, to be honest. Therefore, I feel there is a need to tell people that they are worth it. They are beautiful in their own respective ways and are not any less than anyone.
SD: Where do you see yourself in 5years? And the one thing you wish to have attained by then?
Kinza: As a person I am evolving and learning constantly to become better. I’m trying to work on my weaknesses. Therefore, I want to become a better version of myself for sure. I also want to excel in my work field and gain some more experience. I believe in taking small steps.
SD: Your advice to those inspiring to make a debut in the world of entertainment?
Kinza: If you think you have a little skill in you, and you have passion, then you should “Go for it”. Observe everything around you, because one learns a lot from only observing. Be determined towards your goal and never shift your focus even if there are hurdles or obstacles. Nothing comes easy in life. There needs to be a strong belief and conviction.

In a Glance:

Favorite Designer
Christian Dior
Favorite Holiday Destination
San Francisco
Traditional Wear or Western Apparel
Western wear
One thing people don’t know about you
I love playing board games
One thing you can’t live without
French fries
Pet Peeves
Pretentious people
Morning Person or Night Owl
Night owl
Three things we’ll find in your bag
ID card, credit card, sun glasses
If you weren’t an actress, you would have been an
Event planner








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