Mashal Khan

A multi talented individual, who got to fame with the acclaimed Suno Chanda, Mashal Khan is the talk of the town. She started off with theater and has slowly made her way to television. Come join Social Diary, as we get to know more about this amazing person.

Who is Mashal Khan? How do you define yourself and tell us a bit about your background (education, family, lifestyle etc.)

I studied at KGS for 15 years. Nursery to second year A levels. With me was my best friend since the age of 1, Karishma (I call her Kay Soorty). This girl has been by my side for twenty years and not only does she know everything about my life, she’s seen all of it. I’ve seen some very dark times; you honestly never know what’s happening at another person’s house behind closed doors. So I’d say I’m very grateful to at such an emotionally safe place in my life. Once I was done with high school I went to McGill University to study math. I love to read. I love to study. I read a lot of plays as well especially by Marlowe and Shakespeare

Your success as an actress at such a young age is commendable. How did your journey begin in the entertainment industry?

It happened so randomly. I was hosting the red carpet for piff, and a few days later I get a call saying come in for an audition. I thought, “sure, what do I have to lose?” But I wasn’t expecting anything to come out of it. Then another three days after my audition I get a call to come in and meet Mr Talish and that I had gotten the second lead in what is now known as Suno Chanda. So it all happened very fast, at random. I guess things that are meant for a person will always find them

Have you always aspired to be an actress? Or did you grow up with a different profession in mind?

Well I grew up doing a lot of theatre. There was always something extremely liberating about being on stage; because for a few minutes at a time I didn’t have to be me. I could be anyone I wanted to. I changed my mind about what I want to be about 24 times hahah. But it wasn’t in my immediate plans, no

Who do you look up to in the entertainment industry as a mentor or as a role model?

My dear friend Syed Sajjad Aly, who I met in the industry, has guided me through so much and taught me so much. If there’s anyone who’s my mentor, it’s him

How do you juggle your work life and personal life? Do you ever feel you are missing out on any aspect of a regular lifestyle?

Balance is the key. Having one day off during the week is very important to recoup

How is your daily routine like?

On the days that I’m shooting, it’s pretty much wake up, go to set, finish shooting, hang with friends, sleep. Days that I have off, I like to stay up late the previous night catching up on my shows or reading a good book, then wake up the next day and have a nice fresh juice, run some errands, see some friends, hang out with my sisters

You recently did a theater show as well. How was the experience?

I actually began with theatre so theatre is home. There’s this beautiful quote that goes, “Film will make you famous, TV will make you rich, but theatre? Theatre will make you good”

You have done your fair share of modeling. Which is more challenging- acting or modeling?

They’re both challenging in different ways!”

How do you prepare for your characters? Is there a certain philosophy that you always follow to get into the feel of a role?

I try to find the humanity in my characters. See where the pain is coming from

Outside working hours, what do you do in your leisure time?

I like to read a lot and spend quality time with my cat Mojo Jojo

Any funny incident/encounter with a fan?

There was this one time I was out shopping, and as I was leaving I hear someone yell aggressively, “EXCUSE ME EXCUSE ME,” and charge at me. So I began to walk faster, and this person runs up to me in full speed with like 100 people watching, and says, “Ma’am, picture?” It was terrifying and adorable

We simply adore your youthful glow and how flawless you always are! What are your beauty secrets?

I’m flattered! I’m vegan and I eat very clean, so I think that has a lot to do with it!

Is there anything that you do not like about Showbiz?

Instead of focusing on finding actors that are pretty, our industry needs to focus more on finding actors who are strong performers.

With the film industry starting to thrive in Pakistan, is there any prospect of seeing you on the big screen?

Wee, if the right role comes along, why not?

What can we expect from you in 2019? Any exciting projects lined up?

I’m waiting for something really interesting to come out of editing! It should be out within a few weeks

Any message for your fans?

I love you all. You’re everything. Stay beautiful and thank you for everything

Rapid fire:

  1. Nutella or Peanut Butter?


  1. Last person you got a text from?

Faraz Siddiqui


  1. Last book you read?

The Winner Stands Alone


  1. All time celebrity crush?

Matthew McConaughey


  1. Your favorite TV series?



  1. You spend more of your money on?



  1. Tea or Coffee?



  1. Acting for you is?



  1. Morning person or nocturnal?



  1. Your favorite city in Pakistan?



  1. Ideal breakfast menu?

looooots of fresh fruit


  1. One thing on your bucket list this year?

See picasso’s paintings in person

One word for the following:

  1. Shahzad Sheikh


  1. Imran Ashraf


  1. Dino Ali


  1. Sadaf Kanwal


  1. Zara Noor

Beautiful hair!



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