Matka Kulfi

Its surprising how a simple clay pot changes the taste and aroma of your kulfi.


  • Bread slice 1
  • Milk 750 ml
  • Milk 750 ml
  • Sugar three fourth Cup or to taste
  • Cardamom powder half tsp
  • Dry nuts crushed half Cup


In grinder, add bread slice, grind well & set aside. In wok, add milk and bring it to boil. -Add grinded bread slice, mix well and cook on medium flame until thickens and keep stirring in between. In the same wok, add milk, sugar, cardamom powder, and dry nuts, mix well and bring it to boil on low flame for 6-8 minutes. Turn off the flame, add prepared thick milk mixture, mix until well combined & set aside.

Dip clay molds in water for 1-2 hours. -Place clay pots directly on the flame, pour cooked kulfi mixture and bring it to boil then take out in a bowl. Repeat the same procedure with remaining kulfi milk.

Pour the kulfi mixture into clay molds and let it cool. Cover with aluminum foil and freeze for 8-9 hours to overnight.



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