Meet salman Saeed actor

Meet Salman Saeed – an actor who can now be seen in his forthcoming play Amanat. In his detailed interview, Saeed talks marriage, what got him into acting and his quest to do a film.  

Give our readers your background.
I am Salman Saeed and belong to the field of acting. I have done a couple of dramas now so it has been more than five years. I have always been solicitous about my acting career.
What got you into acting?
I always wanted to be an actor and from a very young age I used to follow my brother, Humayun bhai. He was my inspiration.
Do you sometimes feel that it was easier for you to transition into acting because you are Humayun Saeed’s brother?
It was easier when I first started but it has gradually gotten more challenging because some channels and producers would still not cast me because I am his brother.
What forthcoming gigs can we expect from you?
You will get to see me soon in my new project Amanat. The character will have an amazing, strong impact on the audience, hopefully.
What is your dream project?
I think every character I do makes a special place in my heart. But If I talk about my dream project, I would surely want to do a romantic film in a leading role.
What more do you want out of your career?
I want to do a lot of hit plays and movies, be a part of projects in which the character will be always remembered. With this, I also want to become a successful producer.
Other than acting, which career path would you have chosen?
Cricket for sure. That sport is my first love; I always wanted to be a cricketer. But owing to some circumstances, I couldn’t pursue it but I still play for the showbiz team of Pakistan.
What do you admire about your elder brother Humayun? Anything significant you have learned from him and his craft?
His soft naz
How have you grown as an artiste over the years?
I have learned a lot and am still learning through many thicks and thins in life. As a keen observer, I study the behavior of different people and it particularly helps me build my character.
Walk us through a normal day in the life of Salman Saeed.
During my work days, I wake up at nine in the morning. I do my work-out, have breakfast and leave for my shoot. I come back home at around ten. When I am off work, I wake up late, give myself a good time, watch movies but more importantly, I go for an evening jog which I prefer not to miss. I also hang out with my family and friends.

What are you most grateful for?
For everything, I guess because whatever happens in life teaches you a different but life changing lesson. In my case, I love to learn. So I am grateful for everything. My fans love me and it is the best feeling in the world. Every time I meet them, they want to see me more on-screen.
What personal experience changed your life for the better?
My marriage changed my life in a very positive way. I have become more responsible in life. My level of patience has increased and life is now on track, thankfully.
You recently got married. How does it feel?
It feels great. Besides, you become so much more responsible and that is the first relationship you make from your own choice, which gives you unconditional love and a solid bond. I think everyone should get married. It is interesting.
How does life look like for you now?
Better than before. Things are going great and I am hoping for a good future.
Some words of encouragement for our readers?
Be patient in life as it is not always your cup of tea. Wait for the right time; don’t go for shortcuts and work hard to achieve your goals. Just trust Allah and good opportunities will be around you. Never lose hope and be positive with whatever life shows you. Also, respect and take good care of your parents.

Quick Bits

Describe your spouse in one word.
Your idea of love is?
It completes you in every way.
What is your weird quirk?
My wife told me, I rub my feet while sleeping. That is weird!
A project that got you most recognition?
Mera Dil, Mera Dushman
What can you not resist?
Food and playing cricket.


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