Meeting the Challenge of Change


From the time when Leopards Courier ServicesPvt. Ltd. started operations in the early eighties to the present nationwide network, we have grown tremendously to become one of the largest Logistics, Courier & Warehousing service providersacross Pakistan.


There have been rapid changes taking place in the South Asian region, especially in a country strategically located such as Pakistan. We are witnessing increased foreign investment as major world businesses are keen to establish their presence here. Our best friend, trading partner and neighbor China continues to be our biggest foreign investor. With the China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) weaving its way across the country, we are going to see substantial investments made by China in key areas such as ports, energy, transportation and infrastructure.


Further, the growth of industrialization has led to an increase in trade volumes bringing with it a higher demand for providing better transportation, handling and warehousing.


Considering our huge nationwide network, having access to even the most remote destinations in the country, we are better able to design and deliver through cost-effective courier and logistics services.


Our customers have been our greatest teachers.  They have shaped our growth all through these years. We would like to thank all of our Customers from all segments, Corporate, Retail, COD, Warehousing, for their continuous patronage.

Thank you for all your support. We are so lucky to have valuable customers like you.


Enabling technologies such as sensors, IoT, data analytics, auto-sortation technology, Sort to Light technology and robotics are being deployed into specialized applications. Digitization of current operation processes is another area that is being transformed at Leopards. I am very proud of how my team is now being led by my son RizwanSaadat. I wish him and all the Leopards family members across the globe all the best.




Chairman and Founder

Leopards Courier Services Pvt. Ltd.



Interview Questions



  • What is the Vision and Mission of your Company?




To be the Largest Logistics & Courier Company of Pakistan, representing Pakistan across the Globe.




To provide industry leading operational Excellence in Courier, Logistics, Warehousing and COD sectors, supported by value-based pricing, the application of leading edge technologies, and courteous, individual service.


  • Having a responsible positionof Chairman in Leopards CourierServices Pvt. Ltd. Would you like to inform your readers about your responsibilities?


Being the Chairman of Leopards Courier Services Pvt. Ltd. In Pakistan, my core responsibilities are to maintain revenue and profitability of the company. To maintain service excellence for the Leopards customers in Pakistan. Oversee strategic operating plans that reflect the longer-term objectives and priorities established by the company.

This company and all employees are family to me. People who started off this venture with me in mid-80s, now their third generations are working with us and we truly value each and every individual who has ever worked with us. I take it upon myself to ensure the well-being of everyone in my family.


  • Could you tell us about Leopards Courier Services Pvt. Ltd. infrastructure and facilities that gives your consumers full assurance regarding your services?


I always advice my subordinates to have their eyes and ears open to the market and every single customer. That’s the formula behind keeping our customers fully assured regarding our services. Leopards Courier Services Pvt. Ltd. infrastructure focuses on maximum utilization of all the assets, mitigate externalities, implementing the best corporate governance practices and enhance quality for customers with optimism and strength to achieve our goals.






  • What are some of the most importantbusiness Highlights/Services that Leopards Courier Services Pvt. Ltd. offers?


Leopards offers a wide range of domestic & International courierservices for Retail and Corporate businessesthrough Leopards Express Centers at over 1,500 destinations across Pakistan. Our network comprisesof over 54 area offices&153 branches. We employ around 1,000 Express Centre employees and over 3,000 Leopards(here we don’t call them ‘Couriers’, they are titled as ‘Leopards’.


All Leopards Express Centers and offices are strategically situated nationwide to efficiently manage pickups and deliveries for all kinds of items.


We are the only Courier & Logistics Company in Pakistan having a Branded 737 Boeing air craft with daily flights for Cargo & overnight packages movements.



  • Can you tell your readers a little more about Leopards Courier Services Pvt. Ltd. technology infrastructure, especially in this day and age of global connectivity and timely information?


The pressures of cost and competition will continue to drive digitalization. The value chain will change dramatically, and the importance of data-based services will continue to rise. Mobility and transportation are easy targets for the digital economy and will place established companies in direct competition with their digital counterparts. The tech giants have only just begun to transform the market.

Other industries have had to learn that monopoly-type constellations can form in a very short time, for example, eBay and Amazon for B2C marketplaces, Alibaba for B2B marketplaces and PayPal for online payments. Many established companies are helpless in the face of this technological change.

In the “old” world they knew their competitors and their strengths and weaknesses – but in the digital world, the “new” top players come from another place – the world of high tech.

For logistics companies, this means it’s high time to react.In order to thrive, we must choose between the development of a new digital organization and the digitalization of a traditional organization. These thoughts have led us focus now more and more on Technological advancements, introduction of new systems, processes, tech teams, we are moving to be a digitalized Logistics & Courier Group.

The aim of theseefforts is to secure market leadership in the Logistics & Courier Industry business through an innovative digital platform.


  • What is the secret behind the success of any company-in particular yours?


The Human element. We love our employees, our family members, our customers, partners, everyone who contributes even a bit to our growth and prosperity. I believe that the main reason for our company’s sustainability is protecting and investing in human capital, and treating human capital as a resource and not as an expense.

Give Heed to the needs of your target market. That’s a simple formula behind our company’s success. And implementing the best corporate governance practices.

The phenomenal success of Leopards also lies in our constant risk-taking ability and gathering of market intelligence to be able to timely perceive upcoming opportunities and then acting on them.



  • What are the greatest challenges being faced by the Courier Industry on the whole?


The greatest challenge faced by courier industry is to develop competitive edges by creating differentiation, focusing on the customer and offering new value-added services in such a slow economic downturn.

One has to continuously keep an eye on the fuel costs, Business Process Improvement, Improved Customer Services, and Technology Strategy & Implementation.


  • What has been the response so far from the public?


So far the response from public has been exceptionally well, especially the corporate customers as we don’t compromise on our values i.e. Efficiency, Affordability, Quality, Innovation and Due Diligence. That’s how we were able to ship over 90 million packages last year. And from Leopards Courier Services Pvt. Ltd., I would like to thank everyonefor supporting and motivating us at all times.




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