Meri Maa… Celebs Shower Heartfelt Tributes!

When you talk of unconditional love, the first kind and absolute true to its core is the love of a mother for her child. There is nothing purer than this and while its true that this kind of love should be expressed and appreciated everyday, thank God for days like Mother’s Day which allow us to bring to words how much our mothers mean to us. This year’s Mother’s Day has been a beautiful podium for our celebrities who shared heartwarming visuals to support their words of absolute delight for the wonder their mothers are and have been. Among the shower of tributes, here are a few which compleletely stood out:

Ahmad Ali Butt:



From my mother to my son’s mother, the women who shape us men into being compassionate, humble and strong. All the time in the world is not enough to be thankful for all your love and support. Happy mother’s day…
Miss you Maa jan.

Maya Ali:

Meri pyari Amma, I know this day isn’t enough to be thankful to you for every little thing which you have done for your children. Whoever I am and wherever I am it’s only because of you and your sacrifices of your dreams. No one, literally no one can take the place of a mother. May you always stay with us like this forever, Ameen. I wish I can become even a little like you. Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there. Maa to maa hoti hai

Zainab Qayoom:

Nobody can have the soul of me. My mother has had, and nobody can have it again. Nobody can come into my very self again, and breathe me like an atmosphere.”~D. H. Lawrence.
Happy Mother’s Day Mama. I now hug, kiss and cuddle you with the Duas i send forth for you…..

Saba Hamid:

Sadia Faisal:

To the ONE and ONLY ,to my heartbeat,to the love of life! Ap key dum se he hai Sab Kuch,all I need is your smile everytime to make me feel Alive. Ap tou JAAN hain ,apkey dum se hai Sab Kuch. HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY Amma. I love you so much and I can’t even breathe a second without you! Ap jug jug gayein


Javeria Saud:

Ya Allah Hamaray Waleden Pay Rehem Farma or unhy sehat k sath lambi umar ata farma. Or jo is Dunia se muntaqil hogaey hen un ko jannat ata farma ameen.

Daniyal Raheal:

She is a teacher, an actor, a gender trainer, a grandmother, a cook, a gradner, a poet, a textile designer, a wife, and an oprhan. She lost both her parents by the age of eleven and was raised by her grandparents. One would expect someone who went through that trauma to be jaded and broken but not her. She turned her pain into a mission to learn about what an amazing thing life is and to teach that to people starting with her children. My life is beautiful because she taught me to always see it that way. What a beautiful thing that is. Happy mothers day Ami.



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