Mohsin Abbas Haider


Having a healthy lifestyle is not an option anymore, it is mandatory. Luckily Social Diary is here to motivate you with fitness routine of your favourite celebrities!

  1. What’s your morning routine?

When I am going through a physical transformation I have a very hardcore routine. I wake up around 7, go to the gym and I train with Shabbir Ahmed Khan. After my workout I have a breakfast, which compromises of boiled eggs, I only have whites with a protein shake. After some time I then have some fruit.

Photo by Steve Harvey on Unsplash

  1. What is your usual workout routine like?

As I said when I am getting ready for a project I have a hardcore routine, which is twice a day. Usual workout routine is normally in the evening. I shuffle it at times though. And the maximum it would be for is an hour or one and a half.

  1. How important is breakfast for you? What do you have in it?

Breakfast is the Kickstarter of your day. That is where you get all your energy from. These days I am not going through a hardcore routine so I am taking carbs as well. I have having eggs, paratha, and brown breads. However, with hardcore routine as I mentioned my breakfast is completely different. I would have fish, chicken or salad for lunch and dinner.

Photo by Gabriel Garcia Marengo

Photo by Dan Gold

  1. What does being fit mean to you?

For me fitness is a lifestyle. I really enjoy working out, gym for me is like a second home. I have been working out since I was in university. And my worst nightmare is that one day I will wake up and have my stomach protruding. So this is why I try to stay very lean. Plus I love working out.

  1. What is your take on junk food?

My take on junk food is “the worst it gets, the better it tastes”. I can eat it all my life, but it is not healthy. For instance, if I am being served bar be cue at an event I would not like that, as I have it almost every day.

Photo by Randy Fath

Do you follow any particular diet? Such as keto, paleo, vegetarian?

I don’t follow any specific diet like these. It depends on my trainer.  He gives me my diet plan and it keeps on changing. SO I do have a diet plan, but it is cannot be labeled as any of these.



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