Mohsin Naveed Ranjha (Fashion Designer)

Fun, quirky & straight forward responses, Let’s get rollin’ …

  1. Happiness for you is? Family
  2. Define yourself in 3 words? Workaholic, ambitious, aggressive
  3. Current song on your playlist? Paar Channa De
  4. Pet peeve? Traffic Jam
  5. Personal fashion style? Black shirt
  6. Life according to you is? Exam
  7. Your inspiration comes from? Mughal Architecture
  8. Proud of? Being Pakistani
  9. Fashion & drama industry is? Circus (lol)
  10. Biggest regret? Not to go abroad for studies
  11. One bad habit of yours you would like to change? Extra use of cell phone
  12. Fame or money? Both
  13. Style or comfort? Comfort
  14. Simplicity or glamour? Simplicity
  15. Favorite food? Anything Desi
  16. Favorite color? Black
  17. Favorite perfume? Blue de Channel
  18. Favorite Holiday Destination? Northern areas of Pakistan
  19. Favorite movie? Bajrangi Bhaijaan
  20. Favorite hangout place? Depends on mood
  21. Favorite genre of music? Qawali’s
  22. Favorite Singer? Arjit Singh
  23. You love? Friends
  24. You hate? Double faced people
  25. You get irritated by? Crowd
  26. If you could have one super power? Superman
  27. Snapchat or Insta? Insta