Mohsin Naveed Ranjha of MNR Design Studio Brings up some latest trends for 2015

Fashion designer Mohsin Naveed Ranjha runs his label MNR Design Studio, in which he specifically designs heavy formal and bridal wear and put one of the most important elements to make a beautiful dress for bride & bride groom. Here he just gave such an exclusive interview to Social Diary, by talking on what trends exactly will come on way to 2015 and how to carry your outfit with a perfect style….



  • When & how this inspiration of fashion designing came in you?
    I was always passionate about fashion, but it was not until I turned 20 that I felt this growing fervor and obsession for it. Despite my keenness towards fashion, it still took me quite a while to devote myself completely and making it into a mode of life. Once I was enrolled in a renowned fashion institute I was awestruck by design, silhouettes, the human anatomy and everything that is quintessentially design related and aesthetically pleasing. I guess it was just about waiting for the right moment of epiphany; the need to explore different aspects and get inspired by just about anything that I could transform into a stunning visual.


  • The season of spring & summer are known for its bold and bright shades, so what 111color trends of 2015 are on the way for fashionable bride and bride groom?
    At the MNR design studio, our mantra is to bring in something which is out of the box, and truly unique each season. Spring/summer in Pakistan, is definitely synonymous with bright shades, however our color palette is varied; in order to strike the fancy of people with different aesthetics. For this season specifically, I would suggest shades of coral; shades of pink and gold for brides and for grooms we can go for shades of antique gold, maroon and black!


  • The old style of stone work & dabka still inn, or some new kind of embellishments took place?
    Fashion is forever evolving. This season has seen a lot of contemporary touches being incorporated in bridals and formals; however there is still a huge demand for stone work and dabka, which is timeless and classic. At MNR Design Studio, we provide a vast variety of embellishments, which are edgy yet classic. For instance, we have designed a lot of delicate beaded lace formals which is definitely very modern to the eye!


  • You are so much specialized in designing prêt line, so what kind of styles you say best to carry in light parties?
    Keeping in consideration, both the requirements of the season, and the event, I would suggest subtle designs that are not over the top for semi-formal functions. Dresses in light shades, with delicate embroidery and embellishments, short silhouettes with classy pants are our go-to this season!


  • As designer Lawn suits are so inn now days like every year, so our viewers would like to know that when you are planning to launch your designer Lawn to beat the heat?10360466_10205510606155958_6623218702403822786_n
    Right now, I am focusing on setting up a firm foot in the fashion industry as an individual label. Designing Lawn is something that might be an eventuality, but before that the emphasis is more towards catering to my foreign and local clientele and designing both bridals and prêt.


  • Do you feel more comfortable in working with international models or our local ones?
    Definitely the local ones, MNR Design Studio is a brand which is thoroughly patriotic in its element, and we feel that our local models are not just stunning, but extremely adaptable to modeling requisites.


  • When you go abroad to showcase your collection, then which sort of clients you target?
    Well it depends; I have had a great response from my clients that belong to different nationalities. However the major love is definitely shown by the desi community abroad.


  • What are cuts and fabric material hits in 2015?
    The cuts this season have become edgier, classier and bold. With a contemporary look and an ethic feel there is a large variety of cuts. The silhouettes are flowy and delicate. The fabrics this summer are sheer and lacey with the likes of brocade chiffon, net, and silk. However in bridals it can range from organzas, to jamawar and gotta to name a few!


  • As you are Lahore based, so what difference you exactly see in other markets like of Islamabad & Karachi regarding fashion sense, buying power and etc?DSC_0086-2
    People in any part of Pakistan, have a great love for fashion. They want to embrace the latest trends each season. Islamabad and Karachi are the two most fashion conscious cities besides Lahore. People from these cities have a great awareness towards fashion and all the latest trends, and they love MNR design studio. We just showcased our latest collection at Labels Islamabad, and I must say that the response and turnout was overwhelming!


  • Do you consult males also or only females, and if yes then what trends are on way for casual wear for menswear?
    MNR Design Studio has started its official menswear collection. For this season, the emphasis has been the most on jackets. These include both formal and casual.


  • In future, except Islamabad & Lahore, where else you would like to adjust more?
    The sky is the limit when it comes to MNR Design Studio. I would like to establish a firm footing of my brand not just in Pakistan but world over!!


  • As you work for prêt & bridal wear, so which one line you think is more interesting to work?
    As a fashion devotee and a designer par who loves every bit of his work, I find both prêt and bridal wear extremely interesting. For me it is not just an artistic challenge but a constant reminder of how each outfit can differ in its beauty. My designs are my creation, and for me each design is important.


  • How can we approach your brand?
    We currently have our flagship store in Gujranwala, and MNR Design Studio is all set to open its Bridal Studio in Lahore very soon, with a grand launch. MNR Design Studio just stocked its collection at Labels Islamabad. We stock at L’ateliar Lahore also. Our foreign clients can approach us through social media.


“At MNR Design Studio, we provide a vast variety of embellishments, which are edgy yet classic…”