“NEVER QUITTING ON MY DREAMS” In Conversation with Yashma Gill

Eccentric, visionary and not one to shy away from exploring different characters and genres, Yashma Gill is a versatile artist who continues to create art which isn’t defined by the conventional framework. Our cover girl for the week, Social Diary enjoyed a candid talk with the talented starlet who let us in on what defines her work, her philosophy on life and how the drama industry is actually progressing. Read On:

SD: When did you know you wanted to become an actor?
Yashma: Becoming an actor was always part of the plan – and it kind of fell into place back in 2017 as I worked on my first project ‘Iltija’ – that was the start of everything.
SD: Did you face setbacks along the way and did they make you want to quit?
Yashma: I think no matter what you pursue in life – it is never a smooth sail. You will always face obstacles no matter what you decide to do. For me, it has always been about getting through them without losing myself or my passion. Also quitting on my dream was never an option for me.
SD: How do you choose your projects?
Yashma: Nothing sells more than the story – if the script is well written and the story is different, I think it can work. Most importantly, I love to explore new genres and different characters – so I am always looking out for something that challenges me as an actress.
SD: An actor and director you haven’t worked with yet but wish to? Also, what kind of genre do you wish to explore further?
Yashma: I think this list is way to long – there are so many brilliant people in our industry whom I would love to work with. As for genres, I have always wanted to explore romantic comedy more – so waiting for something great to come my way!

SD: How do you feel the drama industry of Pakistan has progressed through the years? What more can be done?
Yashma: The drama industry that we saw growing up and today are completely different – I think our industry is more inclusive, thoughtful, and willing to explore now. Still, there is a long way for us to go and get out of the age-old typical storylines and dramas, and that is something that depends on the audience too – so it kind of goes both ways.
SD: Do you feel nepotism plays a role in the kind of projects a talented actor can actually get?
Yashma: Nepotism might put you in the spotlight or help you start – but if you don’t have it in you, you can’t fake your way through it.
SD: Besides acting, do you ever think about progressing into other relating fields such as producing, directing?
Yashma: Right now, I have put my complete focus on acting, but going into the future, who knows where life is going to take me. I love creating so it is definitely something I might pursue in the future.
SD: How has the pandemic affected you- personally and professionally?
Yashma: I think all of us have went through the pandemic in quite the same way, with a few ups and mostly downs. Professionally – resuming work has been a definite challenge, but I am glad we are back at it. Personally too, I have gone through a lot, it was really the most difficult of times – but I am glad that I am doing much better now.

SD: What projects are you currently working on in 2021?
Yashma: Apart from Azmaish and Phaans that are airing currently, I am working on something more exciting as well – waiting to share it with you guys soon!
SD: As someone who has converted from atheism- how strong do you think a person’s belief system defines how they will lead their lives and on what notion?
Yashma: I think how we lead our lives has a lot to do with who we truly are – your belief system can push you to do better, but in the end, it is all on you. We all have a lot of good and bad inside us – it is all about how we create and utilize the good and bad manifested within us.


In a Glance:

The Thing You are Grateful for in the Lockdown?
My family.
What attracts you to a person?
Honesty and loyalty.
The one thing that is a mood killer?
Stuck up and bad attitude.
Three things you have with you all the time?
My wallet, keys, and phone.
Your favorite drama
I am binge watching Schitt’s Creek on Netflix these days.
Morning Person or Night Owl
Night owl!
Desi Wear or Western
Both – depends on what I am feeling.
Deepest Fear
Not being able to be happy.
Biggest Regret
Trying to live a life with no regrets!
Most Prized Possession
Not a possession – but who I am as a person is my most prized possession
Biggest Strength
My parents
Someone you wish meet
Meryl Streep!
Your Top 3 things on your bucket list
Travelling, taking a hot air balloon ride, and visiting an elephant sanctuary!
The best thing about your work
Being able to live as someone else for a while.
The worst thing about your work
Long hours!
If you weren’t in the entertainment world, you would have been a
A ‘psychologist, or an ‘animal rescue worker.’
Pet Peeves
Diplomacy (in people)
What people don’t know about you?
That I am a lot more fun than the characters I play.
The craziest rumor you heard about yourself
That I have gotten married
Your dream destination


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